If you are a Uber user we have a new update news for you. Now Uber users can save the name of their favourite place like of the loved one or friend’s house or any other public place in the app. It makes the user easy to get he place address as the address is already saved in “Saved Places” as named by the company. For example once you are going to airport or your friends new house where yo have gone only one time before and you saved the address in the saved places then while you going there secondly you just have to tap on saved places after opening the app, it will automatically shows the direction of the particular place you have saved.

photo 20161007 124109 Uber Now Allows You To Save Your Favourite Places Within The App

The company report this in its blog post:

Saved Places is another way we’re designing our app around riders, and our core beliefs that time is a luxury and the info you need should always be at your fingertips.

But, unfortunately the particular feature is only available in US for Uber user on Android and OS, rest of the world have to be patient as it will be soon available globally.

best2 inphobe Uber Now Allows You To Save Your Favourite Places Within The App

The company revealed that in early tests, airports, hotels, and colleges were the most popular use cases for its latest feature and less expectedly grandma’s house karaoke and even jiu- jitsu also.

That’s enough here about the topic, you can proceed to company’s official blog post by clicking here. and don’t forget to mention some words from your side in the comment box below.

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Source: The Verge