Uber is ridesharing company, Uber is interested in the upgrade of taxi service to next level. For the purpose, the company has hired a NASA veteran. Mark Moore is leading aircraft engineer he has published a research paper on VTOL- stands for verticle takeoff and landing. This is helicopter like technology which vertically lands and launches from the surface. It is an electrically charged aircraft, Uber is currently interested in the launch of new VTOL devices.

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Uber VTOL flying taxi service:

Mark Moore has worked with NASA for thirty years then left the aeronautics space agency and joined Uber in flying car project which is known as Uber Elevate. The company has been working on flying cars since October 2016. The project is aimed to provide a flying taxi service which can take off and land from prefixed Uber helipads on the different location in the cities. This flying taxi service vehicle is called VTOL aircraft. The program is mainly an urban grade program, while it is not able to cover a large area. The aircraft has been designed to work with fixed wings and tilt-pop rotors.

Uber is seeking production partner, it is not building their own flying cars:

So far, Uber is not building the aircraft on its own. But they are seeking for another company to work with Uber. The reason for searching a specified form is technological complexities. It is a high-tech invention with number structural and law and order limits. The problem is that the flying cars are not still introduced in the world, there are so may challenges.

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The flying car design is too complex with challenges includes safety, noise control, space efficient, air traffic control, fuel efficient, charge control, landing sites, battery life and more. Moore was hired for this specific reason that he should tell basic idea to cover all these hurdles. Moore is not solely responsible for the creation of flying cars. Moore is passionate about the creation of flying cars as he has worked with aeronautics and published VTOL research paper.