It was very interesting to see two giants head to head down the Croatian coast: world’s quickest electric hyper car, Concept-one by Rimac Automobili against the quad turbo beast, Veyron, the World’s Fastest Car.

Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac Automobili, invited England’s Earl of Pembroke, the co-founder of (Wilton Classic & Supercar), to go on a test drive in their developed cars.

There is a series of videos but below given is the drive along the Croatia’s Adriatic Coast Road.


It is reported that Lord Pembroke took his Veyron to Crotia where Mate Rimac exchanged his Concept-one with him. They drove these hypercars, for the very first time, sufficiently to examine the performance and the developments.

1 Two hypercar giants head to head, drives of Rimac and Wilton


Although (Wilton Classic & Supercar) itself is a competent name, the Lord Pembroke did not intend to depend on his own ideas and went to compare its creation with the Crotian perfectionist, Mate Rimac.

2 Two hypercar giants head to head, drives of Rimac and Wilton


It will not only give him ideas but maybe an opportunity to take a combined step towards further advancements. He tried the Concept_One on a racetrack and on an airfield as well. A series of videos could be found on the company’s Facebook page.

Enjoy the ride!

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