Latest thrill about the Google products are two Smartwatches. In an interview android wear’s product manager reveals that Google intended to launch two watches “android wear’s 2.0” in the first quarter of 2017.For several months of speculations and experiments of the product finally the hardware is tangible,it is said that the watches has been manufactured with the previous hardware partner perhaps for this time the name of manufacturer  kept in secrete.It seems that some major changes has been made in the hardware and software of the product and Google is looking for another partner for the launch of product.The possible reason for the delay is that Google is working on operating system wear’s android 2.0.

google nexus smartwatch 1200x630 c Two Google powered smart watches are set to be launched in coming year

A Google spokes person said that we looking for partner and watches will be named and launched after the name of  partner not of the Google itself. LG, Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Fossil , ASUS, Casio,Sony, Nixon, Michael Kors.

A previous rumor  from android police reported that the two Google Smartwatches wear’s 2.0 with hidden  names” Angelfish” and ” Swordfish” has been in experimental labs from last two and a half year.  The size of one watch is  small side with slightly lower specs, and the other is  said to be slightly of larger size or  a big watch with no hardware compromises.Google Smartwatces faces a perfect competition from already established market giants,although it has has successfully satisfied the uncertain needs of customer in 2014.The current strongest competitor of the Smartwatches is Samsung gear.

2016 hot An1 smart watch Android smartwatch SIM memory card camera bluetooth WIFI GPS Internet Google.jpg 640x640 Two Google powered smart watches are set to be launched in coming year

The following launch device is upgrade of existing device and new version will be wear,s 2.0 now he new device has a number of new feature like standalone app required a phone to work, Google pay support,voice control etc. Google will finally release the fifth and final preview of the watches in January 2017 , the upgraded highly professional device Smartwatches android wear’s 2.0.The market of Smartwatches is smaller in comparison of smart phone it may be an opportunity or threat to the Google although it has already an example of successfully launch Samsung gear watches.

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