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Two of the most annoying problems in Huawei P10 and P10 plus smartphones addressed

Huawei P10 and P10 plus smartphone

Huawei’s flagship smartphone pair P10 and P10 Plus is impressive beyond our imaginations due to the high-end specifications. Although the phones are not released in the US till date, some of the popular problems have been figured out. 2 of such problems along with their potential solutions are given below.

Fingerprint Scanner Not Working

The first problem that needs to be discussed is that despite setting up the fingerprint scanner, the device asks for PIN or password to unlock. The problem was reported on famous forums like XDA Developers and Android Central stating that Huawei P10 asks for PIN or password to unlock. The problem doesn’t appear every single time rather it happens after 3 days on an average.


Well, according to the P10’s manual, this is not a problem in the first place. The company has put this as a security feature in the device so that the fingerprint sensor is backed up with the PIN or password protection too. Sadly, there is no way to end this or even prolong the 3 days period. So, instead of thinking of it as a problem, it is rather a good option to provide the PIN/ password when asked as it makes your device secure.

Apps not Opening After Screen Unlock

Another serious and annoying problem reported on the popular forums is that the device sort of hangs when unlocked. It means that when you unlock the screen, the apps menu can be swipped here and there but none of the apps will open up. Some devices don’t even lock up after being hung. You can try restarting your phone but the problem will occur again after some time.


To combat this issue, you either need to boot your phone into Safe Mode or Factory Reset it. Another option is to wipe the cache partition.

Booting Phone in Safe Mode:

  • Turn off your phone and then restart it. When the Huawei logo appears while restarting, release the power button that you pressed while turning the phone on
  • Now hold down the Volume Down key and you’ll be in the “Safe Mode.“
  • Now use your phone and check if the problem has gone away or not
  • If the phone is working alright then it means that a 3rd party app was causing the problem.
  • Delete all the 3rd party apps one by one until you get to know the real villain

Factory reset:

If the above method didn’t work, sadly you’ll have to start the operation clean up. Just to be on the safe side, back up your data and Factory Reset the device from the settings of your phone. Remember, you don’t have to “Erase internal storage,” because you don’t want to lose your music, photos, and videos.

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