Twitter took down a safety component after only a couple of hours of launching it after user dissents. The organization is scrambling to settle the expanding issue of abuse and harassment on its platform. While an essential service for open discussion, Twitter has turned into a troll-magnet – something that the site wouldn’t like to be its public perception.

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Twitter’s new instrument “blinds the vulnerable”

In a progression of fixes that the organization has revealed these previous couple of weeks, it launched another component that would guarantee that users would not get notified when they are added to a certain list. “We want you to get notices that matter. Beginning today, you won’t get informed when you are added to a list,” Twitter composed. The notice removal was a part of a proceeded effort to address the organization’s absence of support with regards to abuse and harassment.

Directly after the launch of this component, users began dissenting that the move will daze the individuals who are vulnerable against provocation, covering the issue of abuse as opposed to countering it. Since lists are sometimes used to focus on a particular group, in light of their ethnicity, political or religious beliefs, with users not aware of what lists they are a part of could be an issue for some. As users won’t get any notices, they would likewise be unable to make any moves, for instance, block the related accounts.

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In light of these challenges, Twitter turned around the decision only two hours in the wake of releasing this element. Ed Ho, the organization’s VP of engineering tweeted: “Reconsidered and reversing.”

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The previous evening’s scene reflects the organization’s battle with finding the correct solutions. Various users wondered whether Twitter comprehended its own particular platform and user concerns before offering fixes. While the organization seems to be willing to make its platform hate and abuse free, nothing is working to their advantage.

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More than 200,000 aggressive tweets were posted by 86,500 users over a three-week time span, a May 2016 review had shared, uncovering the profundity of the issue. A month ago, Twitter declared that it will reveal various new components to counter abuse and harassment. These included choices to filter abusive content and halting accounts that have been suspended from making new ones repeatedly.