Using Outlook for professional purposes is a world wide practice and the features of this mailing service are very helpful in speeding up your workflow. One of those helpful features is the ‘Recurring Appointments’ which allows you to set and view the appointment on your calendar. On the other hand, another feature named as ‘Recurring Task‘ is widely known but has some drawbacks. It will be visible to you only in the given time and will go away once you mark it as ‘complete’. Problems arise when you try to reset a recurring task but we are here with the solutions.

RecurringTaskHowTo1 Setting a recurrence task in Outlook seems trouble? Heres how you can reset it to your desired date

How to Create a Recurring Task

Creating a recurring task on a fixed date is easy but once you get off the track and then adapt the new plan, it becomes difficult for you to make it understandable to the Outlook. Now if you want to make it clear to the Outlook that you have adopted a new date for the task and want to carry the newer one, here’s how to do it:

  • Create a new task and name it logically, let’s suppose ‘Chemistry Class’ if you want to make one for it
  • Set the start date (Optional according to the nature of the task)
  • Now click the Recurrence option in the Recurrent group on the Task Ribbon
  • Set the pattern you want to follow. For instance, if it’s a weekly class that is conducted on every Tuesday, choose the one that repeats every Tuesday
  • Click OK and then click Save & Close in the Actions group on the Task tab
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Suppose the time table for the class has been changed and you want to update it with Thursday, you can skip the schedule or you can reset it. For skipping it, open the Chemistry Class task and click Skip Occurrence. This will shift the reminder to next Thursday, and if you reset the recurrence date, follow these steps:

  • Open the Chemistry Class task and click ‘Recurrence’
  • Uncheck Tuesday in the Recur Every 1 Week(s) On section and remember not to skip this step
  • If you don’t uncheck the current day, the pattern will now be set for two days a week
  • Check Thursday and click OK and your recurrence plan is set for all the upcoming Thursdays