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Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review: Perfect for gamers

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review

The fantastic feature about the new Turtle Beach Battle Buds is its flexibility, and you can use it on any device you use in playing games. But it was majorly created for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. You can use the Battle Buds on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and any device with a headphone jack. 

If you’re a game grazer, and you have either PS5 or Nintendo Switch, you’re going to love the battle Buds.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Design

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The battle buds are as awesome as they look. It can be used anywhere and at any time. Being easily movable didn’t deter their effectiveness. Besides, you may think the 1m cable may get worn out, look out of shape, or probably have a patched-out sound. But you’ve got nothing to worry about; the whole design of the battle bud is durable.

It has a control box along with the left hand that enables you to control the bud’s volume quickly, and a mute mic button that’s occasionally a touch fiddly to find a pinch is there too. If you’re part of those people that care a lot about Google Assistant, look no further because it has a button for that at the back. However, the button has more trouble than it’s worth, and it usually moved us from the Genshin Impact phone app to the Assistant app. So you’ll have to be careful when handling it.

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They are big, possess shield-like triangle designs. They are not attractive, but they are brilliant.  These plastics accommodate the 10mm drivers that run the appealing sounds that the Buds release. They’re pretty heavy, and that’s why those annoying tiny rubber scaffolds are added to the inserts, so it’s better not to use them for long hours.  Compromising the appearance of the sound is worth it.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Features 

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The Turtle Beach Battle Buds comes in two new vibrant and attractive colors: white and teal colors for folks who would like such colors, which had a classic black and silver color scheme that can be seen in most gaming products. 

Like other earbuds that possess boom mics, Battle Buds has a shield-like design, and the shields on the Buds are decorated with the silver Turtle Beach logo. It is only the black and silver version of the earbuds with a silver logo, while the white and teal version has a teal logo.

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The jack is placed at the left earbud on the side of the shield where the detachable boom is being inserted. It also comes in three different sizes or interchangeable ear hooks and tips.

The cable isn’t braided but has an inline controller. The volume slider and the mics’ one and off Switch are on the controller’s front. While the back provides the inline mic and a multifunction button used in executing tasks like answering phone calls. Sadly, the Battle Buds didn’t come with a splitter cable that will enable you to use the boom mic with a PC. Fortunately, it comes with a pouch for easy movement.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Audio  Performance 

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When it comes to affordable gear like this, your affection and desire determine how it can carry out its primary role. These Buds are fantastic, especially when used for gaming. For instance, if you play a shooter, you will be able to hear footsteps and shots where needed. The details may not be as clear as that of a headset, but it is better since you’ll be paying $30 instead of $300. You have the ability to make great OSTs that will run the background of your best RPG. Even if the response of the treble is quite aggressive and the bass is weak, the entire sound is good. So far, you can wrap your ears with these things while playing a game, and you’re good to go.

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Whenever you’re playing an intense console, you may probably observe some intense echo in a chat over Xbox Live and PSN due to services’ lack of post-processing. And you may lose a tiny amount of ambient noise in your atmospheric and big RPGs. But it shouldn’t surprise you considering the price. Play a retro game or port of something from the PS2/PS3 era on the Switch, plug the Buds in your ears, and you’ll be good to go. Don’t even try playing any audio/visual masterpieces on transit.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Comfort

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The Turtle Beach Battle Buds are significantly excellent and comfortable headphones. The earbuds are pretty significant. They somewhat stick out quite far and make no contact with your ears. However, the tips feel a bit cheap and are somewhat hard.


Generally, Battle Buds is a fantastic headphone. If you need something affordable and quite attractive, then you can settle for it. However, it won’t provide you with any extremely high-quality audio or any bells and whistles, but for a wired set of Bud’s, they’re of great value.

The Buds are also flexible, and they can be used anytime, any day, and anywhere. 

But it will be of a significant disadvantage to you if you buy it to listen to Spotify or even watch Netflix movies. The truth is, you are likely going to get the best option out there because it has weak bass. And the excessive high-end isn’t good outside of gaming.

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