Tumbler has made an important announcement about the feature update for android and iOS app users.The photo filter and sticker has already been used by Snapchat and Instagram.

I gives the advance option to cover GIF message with filter.This gives you an option while send GIF in messaging you can cover the desired area with filter and sticker.Tumbler has also made an iMessage app that can make and send GIF messages to contact list with your prior permission.

TumblrStickersTeaser Tumblr bring more exiting feature  filter sticker GIF for iOS and Android users



Novelty of the features:

The expression of emotion is more problem.You can cover and user 100 of sticker to express feeling and make conversation more interesting.This wide range of emotions to user.

Other than the addition filter and sticker an other GIF features is available. Tumblr has tried his best in reveal of new feature.These have already a good market position ,which shows that consumer has already an experience to use it.The new collection stickers includes Speech bubbles,Corgi Dog,Sunglasses,VR helmet,Money stacks and many other expressions.

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Tumblr makes an experiment of introduction of new features like 3D aesthetics to enhance the experience of some dynamic users.These are not just an addition to feature but these gives a wide range of colors and animations.Which proves to be great networking factor.They are also intended to launch occasion specific features like valentine day and Christmas etc.

How To Create A New Sticker?

The whole process of creating sticker is very easy. First of all make GIF photo or the post. Then user have to tap the desired icon at the bottom of page.If some one want to add filter he just have to tap on filters.

Original Windows 10 Version 1507- will not receive security updates from March 26, 2017 although Windows would be functional

App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android where the sticker could be downloaded.This is updated and advanced version of features.There are other options you call download an additional app of filter and stickers.