TSMC is Taiwan semiconductor company and Samsung semiconductor deficient company partnership of the both market entities  is most valuable news of the year.Samsung as product receiver and s  supplier both are wait anxiously for the product.the main reason behind this partnership is failure of S7.The blasts related to last Samsung mobile phone is about battery mainly  lithium battery ,when cathode and anodes came closer to each other it causes short circuit and a blast takes place. Qualcomm and Snapdragon 835 will definitely a competitive edge to Samsung.

Samsung Analyst Day 9 Die Shrinks Roadmap TSMC and Samsung aim to built a fool free 10nm
verity of nm semicondutors


2017 is very important with respect of mobile flagship ceremonies and technology world development and partnerships ,going month is last month of this year now the time is near for every promise to come true that has been made in last year.

EEOL 2015SEP21 MFG NT 06 01 TSMC and Samsung aim to built a fool free 10nm
microprocessor semiconductors


However its been hoped that the partnership will be successful because Taiwan is itself is a weak industry ,it is an ambiguous question whether it it able to give the international standard quality product or not.But partnership is quite hopeful for that because it is already partner with Apple.However analyst are hopeful for the partnership.

In fact next year is great bump in field of processor and microchips as many other mobile manufacturer  are working on there processing systems.Analyst Randy Abrams said that “The deal would represent an important new leading-edge customer for TSMC to help support the expensive R&D and capex investment requirements TSMC needs to make on the more advanced technology nodes.”

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