While it is still hard for the competitors to digest TSMC’s growing 7nm success, the Taiwan-based manufacturers is leaps ahead of the present technology. The 7nm process node production is currently going on with full force and the company’s next target is a “5nm process node.”

TSMC Fab 640x353 TSMC rolling up sleeves for the record breaking “5nm process node” production!

Does this look impossible to you? Well, TSMC has already decided to invest as much as $25 billion into this technology. The plan was in the pipeline since early 2016 and the launch is actually expected in the year 2020. Here’s what Reuters has reported on this:

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, a supplier to Apple Inc, said on Thursday it expects to invest $25 billion in 5-nanometer node technology.

The Biggest Customer?

Well according to the stats, the biggest customer of TSMC is going to be Apple which is constantly showing interest in the project since its inception.

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