So the 10nm process node is no longer a dream and most of the major smartphone production companies are now after it. Even though the 14nm technology was a milestone achievement in the industry but the 10nm has changed the scene altogether. Obviously, the newer 10nm process node promises even better performance with added efficiency. For instance, Apple’s A11 Bionic claims 50% performance games which is a pretty big figure for us to believe. Maybe that’s because we are not used to listening such amazing figures.

7nm is Here!

Intel ARM Licensing Deal 740x463 7nm process nodes are here already! TSMC and ARM working together to roll out the chips by Q2 2018

Yes! You heard it absolutely right. While we are discussing the 14nm and 10nm process nodes, ARM and TSMC have already teamed up for the 7nm nodes featuring ARMv8.2 And DynamIQ. Samsung is even ahead of TSMC in the 7nm race while TSMC says that next year is going to be the year of 7nm at least in their data centers.

7nm Advantages

The facts and figures for 10nm and 14nm are already available online, here we are going to discuss what we know about the 7nm FF chips. According to the early reports, we may witness a good amount of power reduction which can go as low as 60%. Talking about the increase in boost clock rates, they are said to go 30% north and at the same time, the die size will be shrunk by almost 70%. Dr. Cliff Hou, VP R&D says:

Artificial intelligence and deep learning will significantly impact industries including media, consumer electronics, and healthcare. TSMC’s most advanced 7nm FinFET process technology provides high performance and low power benefits that satisfy distinct product requirements for High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications targeting these markets.

When is it Arriving?

No exact dates are known in this case but according to TSMC, these chips will be spread in the smartphone industry by Q2 2018. By that, we mean all bugs fixed and ambiguities removed!

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