Chinese cell phone producer Huawei will uncover another star device at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain one week from now, and different breaks have uncovered a lot of insights about the handset. In any case, don’t get your expectations up for a Huawei P10 Plus that components 8GB of RAM and 512GB of capacity, memory specs that would put the Android handset in top of the line PC region.

A cell phone retailer recorded the telephone and its specs, and that is the place the energy may originate from. In any case, as PocketNow properly calls attention to, Phone House likely utilized placeholder content to fill in the spaces.

We’ve seen Android telephones pressing a lot of RAM out of the door, however 8GB appears a lot for an Android telephone at this moment. Indeed, even 6GB won’t not be justified for a telephone, given the additional battery utilization that outcomes from utilizing an excess of RAM.

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With respect to capacity, it’s impossible for a telephone to have 512GB of implicit storing as of now. Also, in the event that somebody will do it to start with, that is most likely Apple. The organization would charge you bounty for it as well — significantly more than €799, which is by all accounts the approaching cost for Huawei’s new Android lead.

Without a doubt, the Huawei P10 Plus might include 512GB of capacity however just if the organization makes a 256GB variant of the handset, to go up against the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Clients would then have the capacity to include an additional 256GB of capacity by means of microSD card, for an aggregate of 512GB of capacity.

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A release a week ago suggested the telephone will accompany either 4GB or 6GB of RAM. A similar release recorded 128GB as the maximum inherent storing alternative for the handset. All things considered, there’s nothing affirmed about this top of the line handset for the present, however Huawei will let the cat out of the bag in under two weeks.