USA’s President Donald Trump is on a mission of taming down the video game producers these days since the school shooting incident in Parkland, Florida has happened. According to Trump, the modern day video games are one of the leading causes of this excessive violence among the young ones. For the same campaign, Trump is about to see the members of the video game industry too!

%name Trump wants to meet with the global game industry leaders under his “shaping young people’s thoughts” campaign!

In one of his recent meetings on school safety, Trump said:

We have to do something about maybe what they’re seeing and how they’re seeing it. And also video games. I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence in video games is really shaping young people’s thoughts.

According to Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the process will be “ongoing!” She further claimed that:

The process is something that we don’t expect to happen overnight, but something we’re going to continue to be engaged in and continue to look for the best ways possible to protect schools across the country.

Trump is of the view that in addition to the video games, all other media forums such as violent movies etc. have played their roll in building the hype. The Entertainment Software Association has released a declaration on this issue:

The same video games played in the US are played worldwide; however, the level of gun violence is exponentially higher in the US than in other countries. Numerous authorities have examined the scientific record and found there is no link between media content and real-life violence. The US video game industry has a long history of partnering with parents and more than 20 years of rating video games through the Entertainment Software Rating Board. We take great steps to provide tools to help players and parents make informed entertainment decisions.

Let’s see where this camel sits!

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