Donald Trump and his old Android phone are the two best and most in gossip topics of the recent times, especially security experts seem to have ‘serious concerns’ over the U.S. President‘s stubborn stance on using his Galaxy S3. To security agencies, by tweeting and communicating using his ‘unsecured‘ device; Trump is putting National Security On Stake.

The security experts even described the situation as ‘terrible news’ believing that unsecured devices such as the one in the President’s use do nothing but open the doors to impersonation and hacking; possibility of physical attacks cannot be ruled out either. And if the security officials’ claims are true; that is really something serious, something of concern.

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On his taking the new office, Donald Trump was offered a latest, brand new smartphone alongside a new phone number his but refusal to give up on using his outdated, kind of pretty old and above all a ‘totally insecure’ Galaxy S3 handset raised questions and concerns of course.

So Trump is, still, using this ‘security risk’ device even if the US President isn’t supposed to use it and the same is troublesome. But why especially, when Trump may apparently not be using smartphone features the hackers could benefit from, to grab important data?

The answer is with Bruce Schneier, the famous cryptography expert who described the microphone on the Android device in Trump’s use is ‘real fear.’ He said turning a handset’s mic into a room bug is very much possible and thus very, very risky; being an easy source of eavesdropping. The far more alarming about it is the fact the user may never have even a hint that he’s being overheard; somewhere by someone, totally unnoticed.

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A new report however, reveals that the President of the United States isn’t putting National Security On Stake rather he’s basically using his outdated Galaxy S3… as a pager. 

Skytel Trumps Outdated Galaxy S3 A Security Risk Device? Just How US President Puts National Security On Stake?

If really so, do the security personnel still have any security concerns then?