As anticipated, the Mobile World Congress brought out an array of products ranging from shiny and mouthwatering smartphones to stylish tablets etc. However, amidst these sparkling phones and tabs also starred superb and evidently quirky gadgets; truly reflecting their creators’ hard work and innovative mental approach and simply leading the way as True Stars of MWC 2017.

MWC2017 Logo RGB OnWhite.png 1539246700 True Stars Of MWC 2017  Sparkling Smartphones, Stylish Tablets: What About Mesmerizing Gadgets Showcased There?

There’s no doubt that modern concepts presented in the said gadgets mesmerized the onlookers at the occasion of one of the world’s largest tech-related gathering. Making this prestigious event all the more exciting, various gizmos in the likes of talking-robots, holograms or coding blocks etc. engaged the visitors coming in thousands everyday.

9 hottest gadgets of mobile world congress 2016 True Stars Of MWC 2017  Sparkling Smartphones, Stylish Tablets: What About Mesmerizing Gadgets Showcased There?

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Whether they came looking for smartphones or visited the show exploring latest features introduced in latest tabs; everyone seemed to allocate equal time to both; the gigantic machines and those tiny but smart gadgets. Following is a list of these cool True Stars Of MWC 2017, spellbinding the audiences comprising mostly of tech savvy personnel.

  • Livingbox Indoor Greenhouse
  • Waverly Labs Earpiece Translator
  • Cubroid Coding Blocks
  • ZTE Spro
  • Pibo Personal Robot Companion
  • Kino-mo ‘Holograms’
  • Relumino VR Visual Aid
  • LG’s Rolling Bot
  • Xperia Ear
  • Kamibot robot
  • Epson Moverio BT-300

To learn about the characteristics and functional abilities of each (or any) of the above listed, simply browse a gadget of your choice and the desired product details will pop up onscreen. These relatively smaller in size but gigantic in terms of usefulness smart pieces certainly manage to steal some spotlights shone at the popular brands at the MWC; take Sony, Nokia or Samsung for instance or Lenovo, LG or Huawei etc.

Meanwhile, today is the last day of the Mobile World Congress 2017, being held in Barcelona, Spain that had kicked of on Feb. 27 and as always; the event was Huge Success. 


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