Here is the trick that how to speed up windows 10 Performance:

This article is about how to speed up your operating system Windows 10 with an easy trick. As we all know that Windows 10 operating system is the better window for every computer. this operating system support many new features of the PCs, as well as this Windows 10 operating system, is much better than the all previous version of the windows as well as this operating system boot up your PCs and make it work with better performance.

Windows 10:

If some one has the old version of the PC as Windows 10 operating system make your system slow and your PC does not support more RAM to boost up your system so there we have a good news for you guys. we are here to show you a new trick through your PC can give you much better performance than ever .if we talk about this precious tweak so they are few small tweaks.

VisualEffects2 Here is the trick that how to speed up windows 10 Performance
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Computer Setting:

You just have to change a little bit of your computer setting through this change of setting you guys can achieve the better speed of your computer. You just have to change the visual setting of your computer. The procedure how To tweak visual effects settings is given below. First, open your system Properties on your computer so search the feature of Cortana to get this set.

Cortana Sysdm.cpl:

To search out through Cortana Sysdm.cpl and hit Enter. Or in Windows Explorer, right-click This PC and select Properties from the context menu. In the window that opens up, click Advanced System Settings. Then open the Advanced tab and then select the under performance select and click on this setting for the visual effect tab select that one for the better performance of your system.

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