The recent US Presidential election stood behind some magniloquent rhetoric of promises and resolves.

Particular attention was given to Republican candidate, Donald Trump, who is 45th US President now, who promised the fellow americans to make some impossibilities possibilities.

In fact, he documented everything he would do in the first 100 days, available in PDF titled “Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter.”

However, how to ensure what promises went fulfilled and what not posed a real question that has now been answered.

A website named Track Trump has made it easy to track the promises in a simple, stepwise way that would hold the new administration accountable for all the pledges they have written with the voters.

The site was created by Sam Altman, the president of Y Combinator, along with co-founders Alec Baum, Gregory Koberger, and Peter Federman.

All the documented promises have been segregated into main categories: Immigration, Economic Policy, Education, Healthcare, Trade, Energy & Climate, Federal Government and Safety.

Each bulleted item indicates the promise with three colour options. Grey, when no action has been taken yet; yellow, if the administration has started working on it, and green, if an appropriate action has been implemented.

To keep the things refined and clear, no political statements or verbal announcements would be considered an action, rather active implementation on a particular policy only.

Clicking on implemented policy will lead the follower to the primary sources.

It is expected that the site might pursue other projects once 100 days are gone.

The site is in progress for which the creators have also sought assistance from those who are interested in technical as well as rhetorical perspectives.

Simple method to download the website and browse offline