Total Warhammer will introduce an extra faction which is new featured to the grand campaign with free updates in coming week–Bretonnia. They are already in full Warhammer and that would be their full and grand approach.

But who know what are these fantasy Frenchmen introduction? Fairytale castles, chivalry, Arthurian legend, and hippogryphs, going by a new trailer Sega have set out.

Watch it:

When the Bretonnia DLC is going to launch for free coming Tuesday, February 28th, it’ll bring them new innovative and expanded widely to the Grand Campaign. They’re introducing three new Legendary Lords, new heroes, extra units, and a little Bretonnian flair.

total war warhammer bretonnia Total Warhammer Shows Off Free Bretonnia Faction DLC
Image source: Warhammer britonnia

High courage also lets lords temporarily orders the Green Knight to roar, and put the Bretonnia campaign towards its endgame battle of The Errantry War.

The Lady of the Lake watches overtime too. Sega explain, “Any Lord and his attendant army who achieve a Historical Victory in battlefield will receive The Blessing of The Lady, and will thenceforth receive a Ward Save for their future battles.”

Their economy has a few chances too, being built upon peasants.

The DLC is due to officially launch free alongside a new Total Warhammer boxed edition on Tuesday. But Sega will give it a day early to the players who want to play for Total War Access.

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