Toshiba had some bad financial times in the past but now it seems like the company is rising back and in its latest move, the company has announced the world’s first 96-layer TLC SSD, the XG6. The enterprise level SSD will be shipped to system builders.

XG6 front straight%20view Toshiba XG6: The worlds first ever 96 layer TLC SSD is rolling out soon!

Features and Specifications

Speaking of its performance features, the XG6 SSD has:

  • Up to 3,180 MB/s / 2,960 MB/s sequential read / write
  • Up to 355,000 / 365,000 IOPS random read and write speeds
  • Three size variants from 256GB to 1TB (1024GB)
  • A single-sided M.2 2280 form factor
  • A 96-layer 512Gbit TLC die
  • A 40% footprint reduction on the wafer
  • A reduced voltage from 1.8v from the previous generation to 1.2v with BiCS4

For achieving such encouraging figures, Toshiba is using string stacking technology to build the first 48 layers and then dropping a second 48-layers on top.

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