Toshiba a laptop producing company has decided to sell a business share in of flash memory business the company has offered 3.6 billion for just 20% of NAND fabrication facility. The japan based company Toshiba has offered 400 billion yen or 3.6 billion of its US power business.

canvio home 2tb 100244639 orig Toshiba offered a bid of $3.6  billion on 20% of storage device business

Reuters reports:

According to Reuter report, Toshiba has received a business auction ranging from 200 billion yen to 400 billion yen. It has offered almost 19.9 percent of the flash memory business. The report has been given by a person present at the time of auction.

The Japanese company is seeking for 300 billion yen so they make the auction but the company has refused to give official comments on the report. The person from Toshiba has also not been revealed. A sale at that price would help Toshiba to increase shareholder equity and offers capital to the company.

The interested in the deal in the deal of Japanese company are also Japan-based SK Hynix Inc and Micron Technology Inc, there are also data storage devices production firms. Some financial investors are also interested like Western Digital Corp and Bain Capital. Toshiba is primarily interested in investment deals because it could make finances quicker than the storage memory industry.

The Toshiba company has said it will not offer just price but on the basis on selected bidders. Other than the Reuters reports the company has refused to comment on the report. So there is no official confirmation of the report by the company.


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