About Toshiba Corporation

Toshiba was founded in Tokyo in 1975 and is listed in the list of Fortune Global 500 Company that is contributing to better living, along with technological advancement in the power sector, infrastructure and storage. Directed by the point of view “Committed to people, Committed to the future,” the company performs operations through the World Wide Web of 551 combined companies that are employing 188,000 people, and with yearly sales exceeding 5.6 trillion yen.

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New Additions In Industry

Today Toshiba Corporation has revealed their newest addition in its industry’s leading line-up of BiCS Flash 3-D flash memory with a piled cell structure, a 64-layer gadget that attains 512 GB space with a 3 bit per cell technology.

The latest gadget will be used in apps that comprises of enterprise and customer SSD. In this month sample shipments of chips began and a large development is planned for the next quarter of this year.

Toshiba continues to improve their BiCS Flash and the next development on this road map is the company’s biggest storage, 1 TB product with a 16-die piled design in a solitary bundle. The schedule for sample shipments would begin in the month of April 2017. For leading-edge 64-layer stacking, Toshiba organized the procedure to grasp a 65% larger storage per unit chip than 48-layer 256 GB gadget which would have more storage per silicon wafer along with the reduction of per unit cost for the latest 512 GB gadget.

bicsflash02 Toshiba Continues To Improve BiCs Flash 3 D And Starts Sample Shipments of 64 Layer, 512 gigabit 3D Flash Memory
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Toshiba storage business is already manufacturing 64-layer 256 GB gadget and with the passage of time, it will increase their BiCS flash development. It will help improve 3D technology to understand increased densities and better procedures in order to fulfill the differentiated market requirements.

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By this month, Toshiba has planned to begin the production of a new state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication services, Fab 6 and a new Research and Development center- storage Research and Development center- at Yokkaichi Operations in Mie district, Japan; where the company’s main storage base is situated.