For more than four years, mobile app developer and private journalist Mike Tigas has been offering his Onion Browser in the App Store for the sensible whole of 99 pennies.

At the point when Mike Tigas initially made the Onion Browser application for iOS in 2012, he never anticipated that it would get to be distinctly mainstream. He was filling in as a newsroom Web designer at The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington, at the time, and needed a Tor program application for himself and his associates. Assuming small intrigue, he at that time put Onion Browser on the Apple App Store at just $0.99/£0.69, the least non-zero value that Apple permits.

onion iphone Tor Browser for iOS (Onion Browser) is now Free to use   Get one for yourself now!
Screenshot Via: HouseholdHacker (Youtube Channel)

Quick forward to 2016, Mike Tigas started living in NYC, operating in as an engineer and investigative reporter at ProPublica, while making up to $2,000 a month from the application and kept the low price so the individuals who need it more can use it.

So a two months back, he made the application free. From that point forward, it got famous, with a huge number of downloads recorded each day. The impact of the late US presidential race may have had something to do with this choice, and its noteworthy outcomes, Tigas told Ars.

Tor Browser gives Secure Browsing:

Being secure and covering your dark side is important nowadays. Such a great amount of risk that users refrain from using open WiFi systems where they can, with the fear of that somebody maybe stalking on them. You can take a group of courses to protect yourselves from snooping. Either use a VPN, or a Tor-empowered program. The Tor is extremely popular among users who are concerned about their safety and the official name of Tor app on iOS passes by the name of Onion Browser.

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