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Top Rated Free Offline Mode Games For Android and iOS – Enjoy Without Any Data or Wi-fi Connection

Free Offline Mode Games For Android and iOS

We all want to play games, and what do you do if the game need no data connections or wi-fi signals and also if the game is totally free. Everyone of us explore the free game sites but rather found them fake. You already installed a game but you can not play it without data usage or using wifi, don’t worry here we have got some most common free games that can be play in offline mode as well.

Here we go with the offer:

Free offline Mobile Games

  • 4 Pics 1 Word (free on both Android and iOS)

An old simple and straight forward game. Four different pics will appear on the display and what you have to do is simply guess the word which is common in all four pics.

A puzzling game easy at starting point and get harder as you solve the answers.

  • Duet (free for android only and for iOS you have to pay $2.99)

You have to kept both blue and red synchronised ball alive by dodging them from the obstacles coming. If any of the ball collide you will be back some steps.

  • Plague Inc. (free for android and $0.99 for iOS)

A Biotech game in which you have to spread the plague in whole planet bringing the end of whole humanity. The is quite attractive as it looks simple and easy but you have to face many challenges while playing the game. This make you to keep playing it.

  • Pixel Dungeon (android free and $2.99 for iOS)

A quite attractive game designed simply with simple characters and monsters. You will love its crossing level point to generation of another level and this makes the game attractive at all.

  • Unlock Me (both free for android and iOS) 

An interesting puzzling game in which you will get 6 blocks, the blocks will move in the direction of their length only, your task is to get the red block out of the grid.


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