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Top Free Computer Operating Systems You Must Check Out

Top Free Computer Operating System

You know that your computer either comes with Windows or macOS, but these operating systems are not free as it seems to be as because while installing windows you have to pay as manufacturers did his before getting the license from Microsoft. macOS updates are free only on Mac as the company has already got paid through the computer price.

Besides these two there are several free operating system, most popular one among these free operating system is Linux, and I think you have already heard about this or you may be using it, whatever.

Here we have collect some more useful and free operating system almost every one near you have never heard of.


If you are an free operating system user and using any other operating system rather than Linux than it must be based on BSD. You will find this good enough like Linux. Some of BSD projects are already running on macOS, Playstation 4 etc. Other parts include NetBSD, openBSD and PC-BSD.


Its quite like Windows as it is said to be an alternative of Windows. This allows you to run software just like on windows and you don’t need to buy Microsoft’s operating system.


A perfect and unique free operating system to run vintage apps, Yes FreeDOS is special in running old games that were used to run DOS programming system. You can also use this in latest hardwares but its perfect for old games.


An operating system called Solaries was open in 2008. illumOS specially invited to openSolaris keep running. You will not get illumOS directly like Linux instead you need a distribution like DilOS or openindiana.


Syllable is reliable fro Home and home off user, it includes a web-kit containing a browser and mail option. Its limited, as it will work on computers with 32MB of RAM, but now we required almost 64 MB for browsing only. The whole operating system will only cover 250 Mb of total Storage.

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