Computers pose various issues to its users. The most frustrating among all is booting your system up. Sometimes it becomes so annoying that you punch your PC or dash your head.

If your system denies your all commands and you completely fail to initiate it, we are giving you a bunch of tips here.

The issue under discussion – boot up of the system – has been in discussion rounds for a long time, and various crunch or crisp tactics have been used to address it. However, we are here benefitting from Windows 10 that has a number of methods to help us kill the issue.

So let’s us get started!


Power issues

Check your battery for serviceability. Likewise, you must ensure that your battery charger is working properly. Plug it to any other compatible system for verification. Next, remove your battery and see if there is any hardware issue.

Screenshot 3 Top 5 quick methods to boot up your system with Windows 10   lets not get troubled anymore!


In a nutshell, the system must receive an adequate power supply.


Prompt Interface

So what if your system is not letting you properly. Go for alternatives; like command prompt interface. You must have Windows 10 installed in your system. When you power on your PC, go to the BIOS by pressing the combination of keys.

Here is the procedure.

  • Go to Boot tab
  • USB or DVD should be your first bootable device
  • Insert your Windows 10 via any storage source and save the configurations followed by a restart.
  • After entering your preferences for language, currency and others, select Repair your Computer.
  • Click on Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – Command Prompt
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Start up Repair

Once you have booted your system, you have now several options/facilities in your hand. You can click on System Restore that will restore your previous restore point and revert all the changes you had made earlier, except hardware ones.

Screenshot 1 Top 5 quick methods to boot up your system with Windows 10   lets not get troubled anymore!



Renaming Your Partitions

The system might trouble you if its partitions have been given names unconsciously. Fix the issue with the least probable fatigue.

Screenshot 2 Top 5 quick methods to boot up your system with Windows 10   lets not get troubled anymore!


Do the following:

  • Go to command prompt
  • Do disk partitioning
  • Assign letter to the drives by first selecting volume and feeding ‘select volume 0’ followed by the drive letter
  • Avoid making mistakes here.


Third Part Utility

You can boot your system with the help of a third part utility as well – Boot Repair Disk. This utility feature detects and solves the PC issues, that obstruct your boot up, automatically. More interestingly, this is by default equipped in your Windows 10.


I am sure you will try one of these to get back on the track.