Microsoft believes in letting their users explore more and they have provided a lot of options for the users to explore their creativity. Well, creativity can be in any form, whether you want to sing a song or paint some beautiful pieces of art, Windows has got your back. Here are the top 3 apps that let you lose in the world of your own imagination and make the best out of it.

Pencil Sketch Master

For those who have been attached to the classic art of pencil sketching right from the start, Pencil Sketch Master is a great sketching app to start with. As the name shows, you can draw pencil sketches by picking up from several canvases that you have and believe me, these canvases are realistically textured.

SketchMasterL Checkout these top 3 free Windows apps to let you explore your creative side

But even if you are not satisfied with the pattern, you can always remove it. Just pick up a pen or highlighter and choose what size and color do you want. Also, you can set the contrast, brightness, and highlights or you can also add stickers to your pictures.

Fresh Paint

Moving towards a bit of a pro level, Fresh Paint is also a very good option when it comes to the best free tools for sketching, drawing, and painting. Whether you want to draw a pencil sketch or one with oil paint, you have all the options. If you want to work on an image that is already saved on your device, you can import and also, you can capture one through your Webcam.

Image1 2D00 FreshPaint 5F00 PaletteBlue 5F00 hummingbird 5F00 22762201 Checkout these top 3 free Windows apps to let you explore your creative side

Here’s a basic starter for the beginners. All you need to do is to choose from the wide range of canvases that you have and fill it with any of your favorite colors. Now start by selecting a pencil, pen, or brush from the options that you have and apply your color. If something goes wrong, use the eraser and if you want to mix some colors, use the blender to get that perfect shade or tone for your pencil, pen, or brush.

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Phototastic Collage

It’s not necessary that you always start from the scratch. Suppose you have the photos already that you might have captured at any social gathering and now you want to give the image more colors and add effects to them. Here’s the spot where Photostatic Collage comes in handy. Make collages of your favorite photos and sum up the memories of the day. Even if you want to add one while working, you can capture a photo from the device’s webcam and add it to the collage.

phototastic collage 12 700x331 Checkout these top 3 free Windows apps to let you explore your creative side

Once a collage is complete, add frames, colored backgrounds or shadow effect to them and make some basic adjustments like collage margin and photo spacing. Save the photo in your favorite size or choose those given as the default options. The premium pack starting from $4.99 can be purchased after enjoying the free trial of 4 collages. Also, paying the price will open up additional designs and HD images.