If you have got a smartphone, there are solid chances that you will be using Snapchat. Why not, it is a cool way to interact with all your friends out there and share your day with them. But are using the Snapchat app to the fullest? Here are some of the features of the Snapchat app that you might be missing out. These are not any kind of secrets, rather they are just tips and tricks that you want to know right now.

1. Switch Camera During Snaps

Camera Trophies Snapchat tips, tricks and unknown features   Try them all!
This is one of the coolest features that you won’t experience in any normal camera. But unfortunately, this is just for the iPhone users. Jealous much Android dudes? Don’t worry! you can do it too by just double tapping the screen. Go ahead and try it if you missed the feature so bad!

2. Filter Layers

snapchat basics filters 1 Snapchat tips, tricks and unknown features   Try them all!

Putting filters on your snaps is normal but did you know that you can put multiple filters to your photos? Just take a snap and put a black and white filter to it. Now if you want to set the timer for this photo after being edited, that’s also possible. Just hold the screen with one finger and keep swiping to the time filter after you have applied the black and white filter.

3. Two-Step Authentication

snapchat login verification 6 Snapchat tips, tricks and unknown features   Try them all!

Just like you set up the 2 step verification in Whatsapp and other famous social media apps, you can set up login verification for your Snapchat account too! While you add the phone number to your account, head to settings and enable ‘Login verification’. Just like any other verification process, you’ll receive a code via SMS whenever someone tries to peek into your account.

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