Android settings section is surely the most important section of the smartphone. You can control almost all of the major functionalities of your phone through this section. Sometimes, people don’t even know what they can perform using the settings so here’s a list of top 3 such customization functionalities.

Settings icon Top 3 Android Customizations which can be done through settings

Disabling and Uninstalling Apps

There is a clear difference between disabling and uninstalling apps. If an app comes pre-installed in your smartphone, it may be a necessary app or just an added feature by the manufacturing company. If you want to delete such apps, it is actually not possible. This is because of the reason that it may affect the regular programs running at the backend and your smartphone may not work properly. However, you can disable such apps by heading towards Settings -> Apps -> select the one which you want and click the Disable option. This will temporarily disable the app and you’ll not be able to see it on your screen. However, you can always enable it again.

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On the other hand, apps that you installed by yourself can be permanently deleted by heading to the same Apps section and clicking the unwanted app. Now click the Uninstall option and it is gone from your smartphone’s memory.

Filtering Notifications

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Any message that your phone displays on the screen while it is locked or unlocked, is called Notification. It can be a text message, a Youtube subscription upload or anything similar. If you are getting way more notifications than you expected, simply head to the Notifications settings and choose the app whose notifications you want to filter. Choose the Block All option from the list or simply select ‘Show silently‘ option if you only want to avoid the notification sound.

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Setting Font Size and Wallpaper

If you are not comfortable with the font size of your smartphone, you can always adjust it by going to the ‘Display’ option in the Settings app. Look for the Font Size setting here and adjust it according to your comfort level. Some devices show the slider option for adjusting the font which is a quite customizable option.

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To set the background of your home screen, click the Wallpaper option in the display settings and browse through your Photos or select the default options available. If you can afford to recharge your phone, again and again, you can opt the Live Wallpapers as they take up more battery than the normal Wallpapers.