Since Google Maps are the top priority of smartphone users, as its way is easier than others. Like Maps by Apple are good but less than impressive as of its complications. Microsoft also came in the competition with Windows Map application. Initially, it was not very well appreciated because of many reasons like less accuracy and stuff. But now the application has returned with a bang. You must try it, it won’t disappoint you at any cost, trust me.

Here are the best three reasons among many coolest things you can do with Windows Maps that makes it better option of all times.

1. Traffic Overlay

An approach to check movement is a given on any guide application, yet it’s invigorating to perceive how successfully Microsoft has actualized the element. It can be separated into a few subsections.

To flip the activity overlay, tap the movement light symbol in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Typically, green streets are free-streaming, red streets are gridlocked. And distinctive shades of yellow demonstrate changing degrees of traffic density.

On the off chance that you particularly need to check your course, you can set your home and work areas, and spare other most loved goals.

Windows Maps Here Are The Top 3 Reasons That Why Windows Maps Are Better Than Google Maps

2. See Live Traffic Cameras

Seeing a movement overlay is extraordinary, yet how will you ensure its accuracy? The exact opposite thing you need is to head onto a noteworthy interstate believing it’s streaming openly.

You can nullify the issue on account of live activity cameras. Clearly, these are just available on specific streets in specific urban areas. Microsoft has no power over their accessibility or operation. In any case, on the off chance that you live in a noteworthy metropolitan range, you can be certain you’ll discover a few nourishes for your course.

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A camera symbol inside the Maps application demonstrates their nearness. Tap on the camera symbol and a window with the nourish will fly up. On the off chance that you can’t perceive any camera symbols, have a go at zooming in on the application.

1474 Here Are The Top 3 Reasons That Why Windows Maps Are Better Than Google Maps

3. Monitor Roadworks Before A Detour While Driving

Roadworks are another significant cerebral pain for workers. However, at the end of the day, the Maps application can offer assistance.

An orange diamond any issues. Tap the diamond and another window will give you data about the works, including the seriousness of the effect on activity, a depiction of the venture, and a normal consummation date.


road construction Here Are The Top 3 Reasons That Why Windows Maps Are Better Than Google Maps

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