Portable apps are a good way to provide you the main features of a full fledged version without the need of being installed on the host computer. Basically, you can use it simultaneously on a secondary device without providing a permission or so and no-one will ever know that you have used it.

portable apps What are Portable apps? Top 3 portable apps listed
Shedding Off Some Weight

The idea is basically to shed off some weight from the system and install the “Lite” version on your smartphone. This helps you use the key features of a heavy app in your smartphone which has a limited number of resources. That’s why these apps are called Portable Apps.

Many of the heavy sized softwares are converted into apps which are obviously light weight and run perfectly on your smartphone. We have chosen three of the best portable apps from different categories which will be very helpful for you.

VLC Player

%name What are Portable apps? Top 3 portable apps listed

VLC Player has existed for ages as we all know. Since over a decade, we have been referring to it as a Universal player because mostly it works in situations where no other player is working. Be it DVDs, streaming video, or music, VLC Player can play it all. Do try out the app version and it won’t disappoint you.


music maker jam What are Portable apps? Top 3 portable apps listed

Audacity is one of the most important tools for those involved in audio editing. It provides free of cost support to a number of features and it’s not difficult to guess how important and helpful it can be if you could use it on your smartphone. The functions that you can perform using Audacity include:

  • Cut audio
  • Copy audio
  • Record live files
  • Change the speed and pitch of a recording
  • Import/export different file formats
  • Splice audio
  • Mix audio
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To have a guess of its working you need to know that smartphone ringtones and other similar stuff can easily be done through Audacity.


tMyDOAS What are Portable apps? Top 3 portable apps listed
Skype is the father of faster communication especially the Video Calling. This feature was introduced by Skype for free when no other software was even willing to do that. Recently, Microsoft has purchased it and added a lot of new features including integration with XBox etc. All of your Windows Live Messenger accounts can be accessed through the Skype interface and the tool allows you to make calls to landlines and mobiles at a very cheap rate.