Gone are the days when people used to download music from the Internet. The modern day music streaming apps let you find your favorite music on the go without costing you much in terms of Mobile Data. You get to listen to almost all the latest music from any part of the world and you can even save them if you want to listen to them later in the offline mode. Among tons of distractions, here are the real top players of the game.

Apple Music

Apple Music first came to the scene in late 2015 with many bugs in its initial versions. The fans gave some mixed reviews regarding the app but later on, with improvements becoming a part of the app, it acquired a top place in music followers’ hearts. The figure of 30 million songs present in the app is enough to convince you to use it and the playlist feature is also a necessary option embedded in the app.

apple music gift card Best music streaming apps for Android and iOS platform for the year 2017


Moreover, you can enjoy Radio in this app which will bring back the old days to you. This also proves to be a great platform for those who want to upload their own artworks in the form of audio. If you like an artist who has his/her official account in the Apple Music app, you can follow the account to get regular updates as soon as something new is uploaded from that account.

Google Play Music

iPhone 5 Google Play Music app Best music streaming apps for Android and iOS platform for the year 2017

Google Play Music is Google’s reply to Apple Music which is an evenly popular one with many cool features waiting for you. With over 35 million songs, it is surely ahead of the Apple’s app. A rather pleasing UI with a YouTube Red membership for its subscribers, this app comes with a different set of features as compared to Apple Music app. You can go for the radio-style playlists for free and if you opt the $14.99 family plan, up to 6 members can use the full version of the app.

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soundcloud ipad biz 2016 billboard 1548 Best music streaming apps for Android and iOS platform for the year 2017

Last but not the least, SoundCloud is making its way to the top charts because of its ease of use and a wide range of music available. One of the problems reported most commonly about the app is that it’s hard to find an original track on it but the things are getting better now. If you are willing to use the paid version of the app, the SoundCloud Go, you’ll have the access to popular music from well-known artists. The Soundcloud database is full of almost 125 million songs with some options of podcasting too!