Internet dependence is at an ever-increasing rate and this subjects to an added load on our feeble Wi-Fi connections. You might be facing some severe ‘WiFi slow down‘ issues and there are some simple tips to get your internet speeds recovered from the devices’ attack.

1. Determine The Area Where You Want Most Of The Coverage

pic 57 WiFi slowing down? Fix yours in these 3 easy steps

The first question that needs an explanation from the Wi-Fi users is that which areas do they want their WiFi to be placed. Obviously, the more you are near to your WiFi, less are the chances of your internet slowing down. So sit down, take a deep breath and determine the place where you want the most of the coverage from your WiFi.

2. Invest On A Good WiFi Router

pic 58 WiFi slowing down? Fix yours in these 3 easy steps

You want the best of your internet coverage with your same old domestic WiFi Router? Near to impossible! You obviously need a good hardware for that and investing in a pro-grade gear can be pretty useful indeed. Ubiquiti Networks is a good option to invest upon if you want good hardware at reasonable prices. The medium range routers start from just $89 and are named as “Unifi AP AC Lite.

3. Check Out If There Is An ‘Intruder’ Soaking Up Your Data

pic 59 WiFi slowing down? Fix yours in these 3 easy steps

There may be an intruder parasite soaking up your data which not only costs you an extra bunch of bucks but also affects the speed of your connection in the worst way possible. If you are an Android user, install an app named as ‘Network Analyzer Pro‘ to check your Wi-Fi environment. You can measure your signal strength and also you can look for interference. For similar purposes, Mac and Windows users can use ‘NetSpot.’

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