While talking about Action Games, the first thing that comes to our mind is purpose-built PCs with hefty priced graphics cards and processors etc. But now the time has changed and playing good-quality action games does not require over-priced heavy systems and you can easily play a whole lot of games with extraordinary graphics on your smartphone. If you want to invest in a good gaming gear these days, it would be much better to invest in a good quality smartphone with best resources so that you enjoy almost all functionalities of modern day gadgets in it. So here’s the list of top 3 Action Games that you need to try out on your smartphone.

Asphalt Xtreme

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Most of the smartphone gamers already know the thrill of playing this game. Asphalt Xtreme came out as an alternative to the Need for Speed craze, but Need for Speed released its own Android and iOS version to compete Asphalt Extreme. However, based on some of the best-looking graphics and amazing soundtrack running at the back, this game surely has the power to conquer your heart if you have even a little spot for racing games in your mind. The developers of the game, Gameloft are doing very well in the maintenance of the game by regularly providing the users with updates.

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Talking about the story of the game, it has over 400 races, 500 challenges, and 35 vehicles to race with and trust me, the music at the back really adds a lot to the scene.


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If you are expecting those hideous villains with machine guns in their hands to label this game in the Action Games category, you need to re-define this genre to yourself. This mind intensive game needs you to rotate two balls around a central axis. By dodging the rotating the two balls, you have to dodge the platforms. Sounds easy? No, it isn’t! I will recommend this game to you if you have that challenge accepting quality because if you are not that kind of a person, you may delete the game in your first attempt.

A new addition to the leaked specs of Galaxy S8 and S8+ as they are getting Samsung's very own virtual assistant, "Bixby"

Sonic 4

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We all have played the Sonic game in our childhood in which the blue colored character rushed through the different scenarios of a jungle collecting the gold rings. The Sonic fans were expecting it for quite a long time and finally, the developers have released the mobile version of the game with much better graphics than you’d expect. Some advancements have been made in the game like a new set of villains, new moves, collaborative play, controller support etc. to give it a revamped UI. The game comes in different episodes which need to be bought separately but once you play the first episode, you are naturally compelled to continue the game.