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Get distracted while working? Try these amazing new tab extensions in Chrome to save your precious time

Google Chrome new tab extensions

If you often feel bored while working on the same thing for hours, hitting the Ctrl+T combo to open up a new tab may be very helpful for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to waste your time, that’s also possible with the new tab which can show you suggested websites based on your past visits. To use the new tab for doing some productive tasks, you’ll have to stay focused and even if you are not using Google Chrome, you can import these new tab extensions on your Opera or Firefox browsers.

1. Dayboard

Dayboard is one of the most productive add-ons to come out of Chrome. Basically, a to-do list which maybe small in size but is helpful in the time of need. Like any other to do list, you can write down your daily tasks and prioritize them according to your need. Dayboard will focus on 5 tasks per day in general and if you want to further narrow down your list, the list can go up to one task a day. It uses a very efficient way of reminding you things. As on an average working day, the chances for you to open up the Chrome browser multiple times are too damn high. So what could be the best place for reminders other than the browser?

The figure of five tasks per day is made keeping the idea in mind that it doesn’t get overloaded and you can focus on the thing that you actually came for. For keeping you away from distractions, the extension automatically blocks recreational sites like Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube.

2. Momentum

Another lightweight yet useful extension in the list is Momentum which aims at keeping you calm and collected. For those who cannot or do not want to focus on more than one things at a time, Momentum is the best find. It’s actually made for those who don’t bother for an interference or hand-holding.

To keep your moral high for work and get you going, the home screen of your Chrome browser will show you motivational quotes and some other mind refreshing stuff when Momentum extension is installed. To add more to the beauty of your tab, you can add a catchy weather widget available in the options menu.

3. Ultidash

Ultimate Dashboard, shortened as Ultidash, is a productive dashboard for those who like their things of interest assembled at one place. The organized dashboard is full of customizable options like to-do lists for making your task management both easy and satisfying. Also, the distraction killer feature is the biggest plus point of UltiDash which blocks websites like Facebook and Youtube.

It is best for an office environment where a boss can limit the internet usage of its employees by using UltiDash so they focus more on work rather than wasting their time on other things like Reddit, Facebook or Youtube.


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