Gone are the days when internet browsers were only used to access websites. The King Google Chrome is the number 1 browser used these days and it provides you quite a lot of cool extensions to make your workflow fast. While Google Chrome allows you to bypass the need for downloading a number of purpose-built software, you can always add in the extensions to your browser in order to make it easy for you. The apps are basically the plugins that can replace a number of your desktop software to provide you all the services while you are using the browser.


%name Best Google Chrome extensions to make your workflow even faster

On the top, we have Todoist which is one of the most famous extensions of Chrome used primarily for scheduling tasks. You can set up a to-do list in your browser toolbar and use a number of features that are offered with it. If you are a beginner and want to test the functionality of Todoist, simply type to add a task or turn the active tab into an item on your list. To prioritize your tasks, set them according to date, time and also turn off the “Repeat’ feature if you need to. To make it less complex, the browser will show you the upcoming schedule of one week with quite an interactive interface. Other cool features include:

  • Ability to synchronize with apps like Google Calendar through Zapier
  • Creating to-do items from starred messages in Slack
  • If subscribed, the software will give you the option to add reminders and comments for an annual fee of $29
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Google Keep

blog hero Best Google Chrome extensions to make your workflow even faster

Who needs registers and copies to take notes while in a lecture or even in a meeting. If you want to make any of the documentations like drafting an article, noting down a lecture, or even writing down the points that your boss instructs you in a meeting, Google Keep is surely an amazing answer to your queries. It is actually one of the most convenient apps to be used for notes taking and it surpasses many of its competitors in doing so. Why? Reasons can be numerous including:

  • Fast speed
  • Lightweight
  • One-Button action


momentum screenshot 1 Best Google Chrome extensions to make your workflow even faster

To keep you motivated for the professional day ahead of you, Momentum is a pretty nice option to consider. To define it in the best way possible, Momentum is the extension that you can use to plot your whole day. By adding a lot of useful widgets to every new tab that you open, Momentum sets your tone of mind for the day. The list includes:

  • Clock
  • Weather check
  • A short navigation menu for important links on the main screen