The biggest problem in many of us is the waste of time that most of us do while working on the computer. Distractions are growing every other day and we need a digital solution for that. To save plenty of your time and to keep you focused on your work, Google Chrome has come up with a whole lot of useful extensions, here they are:

1. Grammarly

grammarly review1 Best Chrome extensions to keep you focused on your work

Grammarly can be termed as the best Chrome Extension for those who want their writing to be perfect. To be honest, I too use Grammarly while writing articles just like many of the other writers do! It catches typos and grammar mistakes in your writings and helps you write the perfect manuscript without any grammatical error. Once installed in your browser, it automatically detects every single grammar mistake and underlines it to give you another chance to think. It also gives most appropriate suggestions so that you don’t get confused about your mistake.

2. Google Dictionary

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One of the most common issues we face while reading an article or any other manuscript is the understanding of difficult words and phrases. Google Dictionary helps you translate the difficult ones for you. Install the extension and highlight the word which you want to understand, and it will make it easy for you.

3. StayFocusd

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By far the most useful extension that I have seen, StayFocusd helps you do your work by blocking all those websites which can kill your time. It’s basically a check for you to Stay Focused on your work rather than wasting time on the things that you shouldn’t be surfing. It blocks all major time wasting websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat etc. You can select the blocking feature every day or select a few days in which you work. Also, you can select maximum use times and active days for the websites on your block list.

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