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Looking for free Gear VR games? Here are the top 3 recommendations that are absolutely fun to play


Oculus Store is one of the biggest platforms for providing a huge number of free games to be played on the Gear VR. It’s always good to have a free gaming experience and if you get it on the Gear VR, what else do you need. Here are the top 3 recommendations for you to try.

Face Your Fears

As the name tells, this one is a scary game and if you had an experience of playing it, it’s pretty fun in the multiplayer mode. Behind the shadows, there is something waiting for you to be discovered. As soon as you try to peek, there can be a sudden fear factor lying around for you. The game has a number of environments and in each environment, there is something lurking in the darkness. It can be a snake that comes suddenly in front of you or a huge sized robot to challenge your bravery. In short, this game is a must try if you want to take the most out of your Gear VR.

A Night Sky

If you have a taste for interstellar stories, this is the best find for you. Taking full advantage of the VR technology, the developers have made a quite interesting story which requires you to complete a combination of stars. When you start your journey in the game, you are sitting under a roof of stars and all you need to do is to connect the stars to get yourself going. Even if you are new to the VR experience, this game is enough to provide you the real essence of VR gaming.


pic 12 Looking for free Gear VR games? Here are the top 3 recommendations that are absolutely fun to play

To start a starship war, you need to check out the Skylight game for Gear VR. Unlike other starship battle games, you need to lead a group of ships to conquer your enemy. The enemy can range from smaller squads to huge capital ships. You need to be super careful while ordering an attack as it can cost you your life in the game. The game has 8 different ship types and ten campaign missions in the free trial version. To get the full edition, spend an amount of $4.99 and get 20 missions and an extra bunch of space ships to play with. Get your friends playing with you in the multi-player mode for more fun.


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