Working in a professional environment requires some best functioning tools and flowcharting is an essential element for that. Not only managers, programmers, and engineers require flowcharts but even a common man can use it either to make a presentation or just some random work which requires flowchart demonstration.

purchase order flowchart 3 Best free Flowchart tools for professionals and common users

There are many options available in the market for making helpful flowcharts but sometimes they seem to be getting a little bit overpriced. For instance, Microsoft Visio, a very helpful flowcharting app is available for $300 (standalone) or $13 per month (on top of Office 365). Other options include ConceptDraw Pro for $200 and Edraw Max for $180. While MyDraw is $70. Looking at these sky-high figures, one is always in search of some free or cheap priced options. So here we have the top 3 free Flowcharting apps for Windows.

1. ThinkComposer

%name 3 Best free Flowchart tools for professionals and common users

The first one we have on our list is the ThinkComposer app which is built for professionals. It is designed to benefit professionals. But that’s not all! ThinkComposer is a very helpful tool for handling:

  • Business models
  • Class diagrams
  • Genealogy trees
  • Timelines
  • Use case diagrams etc.

As described earlier, this is a professional tool and would be more helpful if you are into making flowcharts on daily basis instead of using it once in a while. Other important features include:

  • Combine many different charts and graphs through compositions
  • Generating PDF, XPS, or HTML reports based on your data
  • Creating custom, reusable nodes, and connections
  • Deep, multi-level diagrams for full visual expression of ideas
  • Open source and extensible with plugins
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2. Dia

%name 3 Best free Flowchart tools for professionals and common users

Another very useful tool in this aspect is Dia which is also a performance pack for professionals and semi-professionals. The open source tool is a blessing for those in search of it and the ease of use and the extensibility make it a very strong option. Some highlights of its key features are:

  • It adds custom shapes using XML and SVG
  • Custom colors for shapes and text
  • Easy to use UI
  • A number of shapes which include Circuit and UML etc.

3. Pencil Project

%name 3 Best free Flowchart tools for professionals and common users

Last but not the least, Pencil Project is the classical solution to your flowcharting problems. Though the tool had some issues around 3-4 years ago, the tool was worked and researched on and in 2015, many changes were made to make it a better version. This year, the app has been updated to version 3.0.0 and almost all the glitches have been removed. After the update, following features are now the part of this app which is working quite well.

  • Create your own shapes or install collections made by others
  • Several export options, including PNG, SVG, PDF, and HTML
  • Tons of built-in shapes for all types of charts and interfaces
  • Import art from for use in charts and diagrams