This year’s Google I/O conference brought some sensational news and the best of it was the release of a new version of the world famous OS i.e. Android O. We covered some of the exciting features in one of our previous articles and as more and more news is pouring in with the passage of time, the more we are coming to know about it.

pic 210 Android O Beta release: What are the top 3 new features in the upcoming Android 8.0

Google has made it a sort of convention to release the developer preview of the beta version some 2 months before it I/O event. The same convention was kept this time when we saw the developers preview coming out in March this year while we saw the official launch of the first beta version, recently in the I/O conference. Let’s have a look at the top 3 features of Android O that make it different from its previous versions.


We all are aware of the partial functionality of the Auto-Fill feature in the current version of Android but what’s coming next is amazing. The Android O’s Auto-Fill lets you save your username and in some cases password too so that you don’t have to write them again and again.

pic 211 Android O Beta release: What are the top 3 new features in the upcoming Android 8.0

Notification Dots

Some of the apps already have this feature inbuilt but now Google is making it a part of almost every app with the release of the feature called Notification Dots. With this feature, you’ll be able to see a notification icon on top of an app icon on your Home screen. But what makes it different from those we already have is the context menu that we get after long-pressing the app icon. Upon long-pressing the app icon, you can get a short menu which shows some shortcuts for all possible actions to that app. You can even view the notification itself in a small pop-up window. Though this feature is not available in the current version we can surely expect this amazing feature in the upcoming beta releases.

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pic 212 Android O Beta release: What are the top 3 new features in the upcoming Android 8.0

Fluid Experiences

The best is kept for the last because you can’t just get enough of Fluid Experiences of Android O. It actually saves your time and gives you time to do some more work without being stuck at one. The previous machine learning tool of Google, TensorFlow has now got a smaller yet effective version by the name of TensorFlow Lite. The technology used behind the TensorFlow Lite is LSTM which improves your experience. Overall, this technology will be there to help you in a lot of things, for example, text selection etc. Stay tuned for more updates regarding Fluid Experiences.

pic 213 Android O Beta release: What are the top 3 new features in the upcoming Android 8.0

When Is Android O Coming Out?

Android O will be released in fractions, following Google’s convention. According to the timeline released by Google, each preview build will be coming with the second developer preview arriving during Google I/O. According to the timeline, the 3rd release is due in mid-June and the fourth in mid-July. For the full release of the Android O for Google’s own devices like Pixel, Nexus, and Android One, you’ll have to wait until late August or early September.