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List for “Board Game of the Year” released – Check out which of them are the best ones according to the German critics


The German critics have finally released the list for best of the board game under 2 different categories, Spiel des Jahres which literally means “Game of the Year” and it includes simpler and family oriented games while the second category is known as “Kennerspiel des Jahres,” which includes games with deeper strategies.

Here’s a list of top 3 Board Games from both the categories.

Magic Maze

On the top of the list, we have Magic Maze which is available on Amazon just for $25. Designed by the famous Kasper Lapp and published by “Sit Down!/Pegasus Spiele,” this game has a very interesting gameplay. The warrior is accompanied with a mage and an elf while they walk into a shopping mall. Rest is suspense till you actually play it. The heroes load themselves up with the new gear for and get prepared for the adventures.

Exit – The Game

Another very cool option among the board games is “Exit – The Game.” The designers for this game are Inka Brand und Markus Brand and is available on Amazon for $17 to $19. Kosmos published the game and the gameplay might look a bit familiar to you. Its concept is based on “escape room” games but the regular escape room games are no match for it. To summarize, this game can be the best find for puzzle lovers.


Last but not the least, Kingdomino is a strategy based Board game that is available on Amazon for $18. This game falls under the Kennerspiel des Jahres category as it involves making strategies. You need to construct a 5×5 “kingdom” of cardboard domino tiles. To score, all you need to do is to increase the size of each terrain group by the number of golden crowns it contains. Once scored, add them all together to get the total score. This game is designed by Bruno Cathala and published by Pegasus Spiele.


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