Summers are here and it’s time to hit the beaches. One thing that we all hate the most about summers, is Sunburn. The stubborn enemy to our skin that doesn’t go off easily requires being monitored as to when should we be leaving the sun. Now how to judge whether you have spent enough amount of time out in the sun or not? There is a very thin line between getting the perfect amount of sun bath and getting toasted by the extreme sun rays. So to help you in the case, technology is here as always. Use one of these top 3 apps to calculate the amount of time you should be in the open sun without sunscreen and when to apply the sunscreen. Also, these apps will tell you when it is time to leave the sun.

Wolfram Alpha Sun Exposure

This app is only for the iOS users but the usability is quite practical. Wolfram Alpha Sun Exposure app will save you from the strong sunlight when it is too much for your skin. The best thing about the app is that it has a 5-day UV forecast built in. This helps you plan your weekend trip to your favorite spot and adjust the plan according to your point of comfort. Based on some basic factors like your skin tone and SPF you’re wearing, the app can guess and tell you on how long you can safely stay in the sun.

uv forecast Hate Sunburn? Try these apps to avoid it while in the sun


sunZapp is there for both Android and iOS users and it was actually made keeping in mind, some of the natural factors that tend to happen on beaches. The data used by the app for features like forecast etc. comes directly from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s hour-by-hour forecast. The GPS tracks your location and shows you real-time sun protection tips. The built-in timer won’t let you stay in the sun after your limit for the purpose is over.

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%name Hate Sunburn? Try these apps to avoid it while in the sun

Lancaster Sun Timer

Another cool sun protection app for you which is available both on the Android, as well as iOS platform, is Lancaster Sun Timer and by the name, you must have got the hint that Lancaster Beauty is behind this app. To all those who want to get their body a bit on the tanned side, this app is a blessing. The app starts by giving you different skin tone options to choose from and then the app asks you about your skin type like how quick your body goes tan in the sun. The third question is the SPF that you’re currently wearing. When you start the app, based on these 3 questions, the app will let you know how long can you stay in the sun. The GPS is tracking your location constantly and gives the suggestions based on that.

Lancaster develops sun timer app to monitor exposure and advise sunscreen application Hate Sunburn? Try these apps to avoid it while in the sun