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May’s fresh list for the best Android game – Checkout the top 3 of them


With an Android smartphone or tablet in your hand, who needs a purpose built PC for gaming? Android is proving itself to be one of the best media for gaming that is not only a time pass but provides you a hell of entertainment with many fine options listed in the Google Play Store. As per the latest offerings of Android, here are the top 3 options for your Android gaming experience.

Crosswords With Friends

Developed by Zynga, Crosswords With Friends is the latest offering by the company which has many other titles to their credit. As the name states, it is a puzzle game that you need to play with your friends. The one who plays the puzzle like a boss meaning the one with the best score wins. You can either play with your friends or any random player on the internet. The gameplay is very easy and it won’t take long to end a game. The company offers regular updates which keep the game updated.

Injustice 2

As a sequel to the popular game “Injustice,” this game has several new things to experience. If you have played the console version of the game, you’ll be aware of the gameplay and this is pretty much the same with some subtractions from the original version. Obviously, your smartphone does not have the resources equivalent to a console. The game Injustice 2 is heaven for DC comics lovers as it has got all the characters from all time famous comic novel. The developers have improved the quality of the game to a much higher extent and it is a pretty good option among the arcade style fighting games. If not equal to the modern day arcade games, the game will definitely take you back to the time when Metal Slug or Tekken 3 was the best choice for us.

Galaxy on Fire 3

Galaxy on Fire is the series that most of the Android gamers are familiar with. The company has offered the latest iteration of the series named as Galaxy on Fire 3. This is a theme game based on science fiction where you are the pilot of a space ship. To proceed in the game, you need to take part in space battles and rip off the enemies’ spaceships. If you are a regular player of the game series, you must know that the developers work hard all the time to improve the gameplay and that’s what they have done in this iteration.


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