Nvidia takes a historical step in contributing more towards education as the CEO of the graphics specialist company, Jen-Hsun Huang gives away their latest Volta GPU based Tesla V100 accelerators to the top 15 AI research institutions. All this happened at the computer vision and pattern Recognition conference in Honolulu.

2R Top 15 Brainiacs from over 150 research institutes get free Volta GPU Based Tesla V100 AI Accelerators

The New Announcement

The Tesla V100 PCIe accelerator was not only announced in the event but also, top 15 AI researchers got a free copy of it. The event was organized to welcome the top 150 researchers from over 15 different AI research institutes. They were surprised enough when the CEO presented the free copy to the top 15 of them in the NVIDIA AI Labs program.

NVIDIA Tesla V100 Volta GPU 1 1030x551 Top 15 Brainiacs from over 150 research institutes get free Volta GPU Based Tesla V100 AI Accelerators

Hsun’s Message

It seems like Jen- Hsun wants the researchers to excel more and more in the field of AI and for that, he wanted to play his role. The box in which the accelerators were present, was beautifully packed with the CEO’s signature on it. A line written on the box said, “Do great AI!”. A notable point in the event is described below:

One of the researchers, Silvio Savarese, an associate professor of computer science at Stanford University and director of the school’s SAIL-Toyota Center for AI Research, likened the signed V100 box to a bottle of fine wine.


Savarese’s research has broken ground in computer vision, robotic perception and machine learning. In recent years, he has received the Best Student Paper Award at CVPR 2016, the James R. Croes Medal in 2013, a TRW Automotive Endowed Research Award in 2012, an NSF Career Award in 2011 and a Google Research Award in 2010.

It was clear this moment meant something special to him.


“It’s exciting, especially to get Jensen’s signature,” Savarese said. “My students will be even more excited.”


He said the V100 would be used for new research on autonomous driving and virtual reality, among other areas.


“Everything is powered by deep learning,” said Savarese. “We can do things we’ve never done before.”


Breakthroughs made by researchers such as Savarese and others gathered at CVPR are unleashing technologies with superhuman capabilities.


So it’s fitting that the researchers in attendance will be among the first to put our latest technology to work. via NVIDIA

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