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Top 10 WiFi boosters – Our top picks for 2019

Wifi Boosters

WiFi these days has become as indispensable as electricity in many homes. There are more devices in homes than humans.

Since life has become unimaginable without WiFi, it is paramount to have a speedy WiFi connection. Getting fast WiFi around the entire house can be challenging. There are some particular areas in our houses which get no/ slow WiFi, making it difficult for us to access the internet.

Sometimes, the WiFi connection is so weak that we are forced to sit on our router’s head to get a good connection. To do away with all these problems of weak signal strength, our tech-world has taken a leap forward and introduced the very useful and popular WiFi boosters.

WiFi boosters also called WiFi network extenders or WiFi range extenders, are the devices which help boost your network. WiFi boosters are for those areas in your house where WiFi signal is not reachable, called dead spots or dead zones.

WiFi Boosters are a feasible and cheap way to bring dead zones to life. They can easily be installed in a few minutes and can give you complete home WiFi coverage.

It’s recommended to place the WiFi booster halfway between your router and the dead zone. It will immediately boost your signal strength and bandwidth.

Since we have become so dependable on WiFi, it is important that we have a WiFi booster installed in our homes.

So, here is a list of top 10 WiFi boosters which you can put your hands on to enhance the performance of your WiFi.

1. Netgear Nighthawk X4 WiFi Mesh Extender

The Nighthawk X4 WiFi Range Extender boosts WiFi range with speeds up to 2200 Mbps and provides up to 10,000 ft WiFi range. It is HD streaming and gaming.

It is known as industry’s first AC2200 extender with MU-MIMO. MU-MIMO stands for Multi-User, Multiple inputs, Multiple Output. It allows your WiFi router to connect to several devices simultaneously.

Netgear Nighthawk X4 is ideal for extending WiFi to devices like the iPhone 6S, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, iPad Air 2, and MacBook Pro.

Features like Smart Roaming and One Wi-Fi Name, allows it to easily connect all your smart home devices to one network with no need of new Wi-Fi names and password.

With this WiFi booster, you can from room-to-room and stream videos without any interruptions. Its “Smart Connect” feature ensures every device is assigned the fastest available Wi-Fi connection.

2. D-Link DAP 1650

An ideal solution for improving the coverage and signal strength of any wireless network, the D-Link DAP 1650 provides flexible operation modes for any network environment.

It offers high-speed connectivity to stream HD video and connects multiple devices to your home network. It delivers the next generation 802.11ac wireless connectivity and four-gigabit ethernet.

It offers easy setup with the push of the WPS button. QRS (Quick Router Setup) mobile app on iOS or Android mobile device can also be used for its setup.

DAP 1650 is designed to operate as a range extender, access point or media bridge enhance the signal strength at every nook and corner of your house. It uses Next Generation AC1200 Technology for increased speed, range, and reliability to ensure coverage throughout the area.

It comes with four Gigabit LAN ports for high-speed wired connections. In order to reduce interference from nearby wireless signals in the home, it relies on Dual-band technology.

This provides backward compatibility with older wireless, hence offering a reliable wireless connection.

3. Linksys RE7000

Linksys Max-Stream AC1900 (RE7000) Range extender has an advantage of working with all WiFi routers as well as in Access Point mode for an expanded Wi-Fi network.

It also uses MIMO technology, i.e., simultaneously connecting to several devices. Its setup is very simple with Push Button Connect. Its Spot Finder Technology gives it a boost for optimal placement and performance.

Eliminating all WiFi dead zones, it is considered to boost Next-Gen AC WiFi in and around your home.

Its advanced dual-band Wi-Fi Speeds up to AC1900+ (N300+AC1733). This WiFi booster provides Wi-Fi coverage up to 10,000 square feet.
WiFi connections have been optimized through Cross-Band and Beamforming Technologies.

It comes with an ability to provide enhanced wired speeds for a Smart TV, gaming console, Blu-ray Disc player or other Wi-Fi device using the Gigabit Ethernet port.

4. TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750

TP-Link Archer C7 has become a household name. Offering a complete package, it comes with the next generation Wi-Fi standard – 802.11ac.

It gives a smooth speed experience like no other WiFi booster. It is considered to be 3 times faster than wireless N speed. A combined data transfer rate it delivers is up to 1.75Gbps. TP-Link Archer C7 is surely the right thing to pick.

1300Mbps wireless speeds over the crystal clear 5GHz band and 450Mbps over the 2.4GHz band makes the Archer C7 the superior choice for everyone facing the problem of smooth running WiFi.

Seamless HD streaming, online gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks can be operated without any intervention using this WiFi booster.

In order to achieve a lag-free entertainment, TP-Link has ensured to equip Archer C7 with Concurrent Dual Band Connections. The Archer C7 has the ability to operate over both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Working of the Dual Band simultaneously offers you the flexibility of two dedicated networks, without any intervention in the network. The 2.4Ghz band is efficient at handling simple tasks like sending/ receiving e-mails or web browsing.

Whereas all the intensive tasks like HD video streaming or online gaming are looked after by the 5Ghz band.

Archer C7 comes with 6 Antennas which provides Full Expanded Coverage. Out of these 6 antennas, 3 of them are external detachable 5dBi antennas which serve the 5GHz band and the rest 3 are internal antennas which serve the 2.4GHz band.

They are no issue of maintaining high speeds over long distances because of the higher quality antenna technology. This lets you access the internet without any buffering from anywhere in your large home or office.

The incredible wireless coverage and reliability of any WiFi booster are important to be considered before its purchase and TP-Link Archer C7 will definitely not sadden its customers on this respect.

Archer C7 has outstanding features like single multifunctional USB Ports, which allows you to share printers, files, and media with different devices through your local network or via the FTP server while you are far away from home.

Its 1 gigabit WAN port and four gigabit LAN ports increase the speed up to 10A which is faster than standard Ethernet connections.

The TP-Link Archer C7 has been ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Wireless Routers” by J.D. Power, an American-based global marketing information services company, in 2017.

5. TP-Link RE305

TP-Link RE305 AC1200 is a dual-band WiFi range extender. It provided a speed of up to 1900mbps.

It comes with 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports which can be used to connect smart TVs, games consoles and stream players to WiFi. Intelligent signal indicator lets you discover the best location for its set up anywhere in your house.

You can also access the TP-Link Tether App from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to set up and manages the WiFi settings. The beamforming technology boosts the performance of your WiFi to every device.

TP-Link RE305 is feasible with iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, iPad 4, and PlayStation 4, TP-Link smart Plugs, TP-Link smart bulbs. Besides all this, it is also considered ideal for extending WiFi to echo/ Alexa devices.

It comes with AC1300 standard allowing it to provide to provide brilliant HD streaming and gaming experience. It is efficient in working with any standard route. Range extender button permits it to expand its wireless coverage.

The technology used in TP-Link RE305 is so developed that it enables you to save power by letting you set the power schedule.

If you like to connect a worker device, you can use the Fast Ethernet port. AP mode can be used in case you want to create a new wireless access point.

6. Netgear EX6200

Netgear AC1200 High Power 700 milliWatts dual-band Wi-Fi range extender for Desktop comes with five Ports.

Netgear is the best solution to the problem of existing dead zones in your homes or offices. It is capable of eliminating the dead zones and provides improved WiFi coverage in your entire house.

The mobile responsive user interface makes its setup easier. The speed offered by Netgear EX6200 is up to 1.2Gbps, hence giving a fast, reliable and smooth connection.

It is compatible and can be easily extended to your current WiFi with your existing gateway, router, or ISP provided a gateway. You can also connect wired devices like smart TVs and game consoles to the 5 Gigabit Ethernet Ports present in this WiFi booster Multi-user MIMO enable simultaneous streaming to multiple devices.

Netgear AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender helps boost your existing network range and delivers AC dual band WiFi up to 1200 Mbps. The 700mW high-power design provides the ultimate range.

The quad-core processor enables maximum WiFi performance. However, it may not be compatible with routers or gateways with firmware that has been altered, is based on open source programs, or is non-standard or outdated.

7. Amped Wireless RE1750A

The Amped Wireless High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender RE1750A has turned out to be of great advantage in terms of expanding the range of any standard 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi router by repeating the signal (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and redistributing it in a new, extended location at blazing-fast speeds.

It has a total of twelve amplifiers, including six 2.4/5GHz amplifiers and six low noise amplifiers. Combined with three high gain external antennas, these antennas provide up to 12,000 sq ft of additional WiFi coverage.

This WiFi booster has the ability to provide you enough bandwidth even for the most demanding networks. You can connect a large number of devices and stream HD videos without any buffering.

Smart TVs or personal computers can be easily connected to your WiFi network using Amped Wireless RE1750A five gigabit wired ports. The RE1750A is claimed to work with a standard single band or dual band Wi-Fi routers, be it of any brand, and service provider gateway.

Amped Wireless RE1750A has not failed to provide a WiFi coverage of up to 12,000 Sq Ft. 12 powerful amplifiers eliminates dead spots and penetrate walls giving you an accelerated speed.

The two bands, i.e., 2.4GHz and 5Ghz are said to give a speed of 450Mbps and 1300Mbps respectively.

The inbuilt Dual Band Coverage extends the range of both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band. Gigabit Network Bridge lets you connect additional PCs, gaming consoles, smart TVs and other devices at gigabit speeds.

It also provides you the option of creating Guest Networks. You can add up to 8 additional networks. Ability to restrict network access to specific users and setting schedules for when your extended network is on or off are some of its other key features.

8. D-Link DAP 1520

D-Link DAP 1520 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Range Extender is a portable WiFi booster which lets you extend your WiFi network covering all the dead spots too.

It can be placed anywhere in your house or office to increase the range of your wireless network. This tiny yet powerful device supports Wireless AC speeds of up to 750 Mbps. Any interference from nearby wireless transmitters at your homes can be removed through its Dual band technology.

It also provides backward compatibility with older wireless devices in your network, allowing you to enjoy a blazing-fast, reliable wireless connection. Its Wireless 802.11n/g/b/backward compatibility is another feature to consider.

The setup is very simple. You can either use the QRS mobile app on your iOS or Android mobile device to set up the DAP-1520 easily without needing a computer, or you can also use a built-in setup wizard that allows you to configure it wirelessly with a PC or mobile device.

One touch configuration can also be used. You just have to push the WPS push button on the DAP 1520 and on the router. The DAP-1520 will automatically configure itself.

9. Amped Wireless Athena EX

Athena EX is best suited for houses which contains multiple devices. It is the most powerful WiFi boosted available in the market and is primarily fit for the multi-level household. It has the power to deliver 15,000 sq ft of WiFi coverage.

It has inbuilt powerful Dual-Core Processor, 16 high power amplifiers, and 4 high gain antennas. Even when your network is connected to a number of devices, it has the ability to provide unmatched range, speed, and reliability for the most demanding networks.

It’s incredibly fast AC2600 Wi-Fi technology provides up to 2.53Gbps, making lag and buffering a thing of the past. The Athena EX also features MU-MIMO technology that enables multiple devices to receive data simultaneously.

Making your WiFi network reliable and reachable to every device, Athena EX is best at its work in eliminating the dead zones. Its 16 amplifiers (4 x 2.4GHz amplifiers, 4 x 5GHz amplifiers, 4 x 2.4GHz signal reception amplifiers, 4 x 5GHz signal reception amplifiers) amplifies your WiFi to the maximum.

It works faster on all devices with speed up to 800Mbps for 2.4GHz and 1733Mbps for 5GHz. The presence of 4 advanced antennas and 4 stream architecture helps it cover more ground and strengthen its connections.

Advanced amplifiers and high gain 5dBi antennas have made it capable of delivering 800mW of output power.

The ATHENA-EX lets you experience uninterrupted and blazing-fast movie streaming, gaming and downloading. Its unique combination of 4 transmitters with 4 receivers and 4 antennas per frequency to blanket a home or office with multiple Wi-Fi streams for unparalleled reliability, performance, and range.

BoostBand Technology streamlines Wi-Fi traffic and increases speeds by up to 2X1. This technology lets you stream HD media without buffering, transfer large data files faster and play your games without lag.

You can create up to 8 networks for guests and restrict access to specific users. You can customize the networks with unique passwords and bandwidth restrictions.

It is compatible with all Apple networking features and can also be used to share Files with USB 3.0. You can attach a USB drive and instantly share files, locally at blazing-fast speeds.

Built with 4 Gigabit Wired Ports, it lets you connect wired PCs, servers, printers, or A/V device, such as smart TVs, Blu-ray players, or gaming consoles at gigabit speeds.

Athena EX is compatible with all brands of a standard single band (2.4GHz) or dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) wireless routers and service provider gateways. The Setup Wizard has undoubtedly made its setup easier. It connects the WiFi booster to your home/ office WiFi network in minutes.

You just have to connect your PC, Smartphone, or tablet to your Athena EX WiFi network, enter the setup URL, scan for your wireless network, select it and you’re done.

Another feature which makes this WiFi booster standout is its Signal Strength LED which gives you instant feedback on the connection between the WiFi booster and your Home Network. A green light indicates that the installation location is optimal, a yellow light indicates that the installation location is moderate and a red light indicates that the installation location is poor.

10. Netgear Nighthawk Mesh X6S

Netgear Nighthawk X6 tri-band WiFi booster provides a strong WiFi connection using your existing WiFi.

EX7700 model includes an 866Mbps 5GHz band for transmitting high internet speed to your devices. Built with Patented FastLane3 Technology and WiFi link, it avoids cutting the extended WiFi bandwidth in half.

The Smart Roaming feature connects your mobile devices your WiFi and lets you stream HD videos from anywhere in your house. Another crucial feature that Netgear Nighthawk Mesh X6 comes with is its Secure Boot Feature which ensures that only Netgear signed software can run on the device.

What is better than having only one SSID to manage! This WiFi booster combines the visible WiFi networks into just one and lets you add more devices to this network.

It will automatically find the optimal hidden network and maximize the WiFi performance. You can also use multiple SSIDs to create separate networks. 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports facilitate you to connect worked devices like smart TVs and game consoles.

You can also create your own Mesh WiFi to improve WiFi coverage throughout your home. It is compatible with your existing gateway, router, or ISP provided a gateway.

With Netgear Nighthawk WiFi Mesh Extenders you will have a speedy, uninterrupted WiFi connection. This lets you freely roam in your house without worrying about a slow connection.

Nighthawk Mesh Extenders is capable of seamlessly transferring your WiFi connection between the router and other Nighthawk Mesh Extenders on your network. It is, therefore, considered as one of the most advanced tri-band WiFi boosters. By adding the tri-band range extended, you can build your own powerful WiFi network.

This WiFi booster also provides the flexibility to customize networks in 2.4GHz and 5GHz. In case you are able to access your router but not the Internet, check to see if the router can obtain an IP address from your Internet service provider.

Your router requests an IP address from the ISP, unless your ISP provides a fixed IP address. The advanced home page can be used to determine whether the request was successful.

WiFi Boosters For Laptops

1. Alfa AWUS036ACH

A long-range wireless USB adapter, Alfa is compatible with any operating system, from Windows 10 to Linux.

It is said to work with both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges, giving the speed of 300Mbps and 867Mbps respectively. Considered to be a dual-band 802.11ac WiFi dongle, it has been tested that it gave an impressive WiFi speed of 213Mbps for downloading and 21Mbps for uploading.

Alfa is built with two large 5dBi antennas which aid it to get a better signal even from a distance.

2. TP-Link Archer T2UH AC600

Termed as an efficient WiFi booster for laptops, the TP-Link Archer T2UH is a dual-band USB adapter. It uses 802.11ac protocol.

The antenna it uses is called external Omni-Directional antenna which gives better range than a laptop built-in antenna. It is best suited for all network because of its backward compatibility with wireless protocols, such as N or G.

3. Panda Wireless PAU09 N600

Known for its wide compatibility from Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 to Linux, Mint, Ubuntu, openaSUSE, Fedora, CentOS, Kali Linux, and Raspbian; Panda Wireless PAU09 is a dual name wireless USB adapter. Its two large 5dBi antennas improve signal while transmitting and receiving.

Albeit it only supports wireless-N, it is still considered a nice option to use and work with a good range, at a very low cost. An 802.11n adapter, it gives a maximum speed of 300Mbps.

4. Asus USB-AC56

A dual-band wireless-AC1300, Asus USB-AC56, is built for sowed and is one of the fastest WiFi dongles available.

It is compatible with all WIFi protocols. Consisting of a high gain external antenna which can be screwed on or off to get a better range as per your convenience, this WiFi booster gives a brilliant speed and eliminated all the interruption in your net surfing.

5. Alfa Long-Range Dual-Band AC1200

AWUS036AC is one of the newest adapters by Alfa. It is a dual band and works with any WiFi protocol and hence will fit into any network.

Its two 5dBi external antennas support it to get a better range. The two ranges, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, gives a speed of 300Mbps and 867Mbps respectively. It is bulky because of its size but besides this, it serves as a good option to go for.

Wifi boosters For Smart TVs

1. Persevere WiFi Range Extender

The Persevere WiFi Booster is ideal for extending WiFi to Smart TVs as well as iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Echo/Alexa devices, Multimedia player, PC, Mac, Samsung, PlayStation, Smart Plug etc. It is equipped with four 5DBi external Antennas.

This plays an important role in extending the range of your wireless router. It also boosts your existing Wi-Fi signal and also eliminates dead spots.

The Dual-Band technology enables blazing-fast Wi-Fi speeds of up to 867Mbps for 5GHz and 300Mbps for 2.4GHz. It has built-in high power amplifiers on the signal booster which provides extreme Wi-Fi coverage, penetrating in walls and hence removing dead zones.

Repeater Mode, AP Mode (for covering a wired network to a wireless network) and Router Mode (for creating an instant private wireless network and enable multiple devices to share the Internet booster) are the three connection Mode Wifi Amplifiers.

It is also equipped with two gigabit Ethernet ports used to connect Smart TV or any other wired device.

2. VICTONY WA305 WiFi Range Extender

The VICTONY WA305 wireless range extender comes with two external antennas which improve existing wireless coverage. Offering maximum security WPA2, WPA; this WiFi booster is also compatible with 802.11g/b/n WiFi standard.

The transmission rate is 300Mbps, giving an amazing experience of video streaming and online gaming. There is just one Ethernet port to connect a wired device.

Smart LED feature helps you find the ideal location to place the extender. It also complies with the IEEE 802.11/n/g/b standard, 2.4G wireless network. WAN/LAN, LAN (10/100) port is available with it to connect wired devices. It also offers three modes, namely, Router Mode, Repeater Mode, and AP Mode.

It is easy to set up. You can easily expand wireless coverage with just a push of WPS button. You can also configure using the browser. It is accessible from almost any wireless device including iOS and Android.

3. Linksys AC1900

Equipped with Multi-user, Multiple Input, Multiple Output- MU-MIMO technology, Linksys AC1900 is capable of delivering faster connections to all the connected devices.

Features such as Push Button Connect and Spot Finder Technology makes it set up quick and easy. It is an advanced dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) WIFi booster which expands WiFi coverage of up to 10,000 sq ft.

The Cross-Band and Beamforming Technologies has worked effectively to optimize Wi-Fi connections. You can connect other wired devices using the Gigabit Ethernet Port. Linksys AC1900 WiFi booster lets everyone in your house enjoy gaming, surfing, streaming videos without any disruption.

4. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900

With Netgear Nighthawk WiFi booster you can create your own Mesh WiFi to improve WiFi coverage throughout your home and enjoy smooth WiFi connection. It delivers extreme dual-band WiFi up to 1900Mbps.

The presence of dual-core 1GHz processor maximizes its performance. The high power 700mW amplifiers provide an extreme range. It is efficient in working with any standard WiFi router.

Providing a range of up to 10,000 sq ft, it is ideal for HD video streaming and heavy data files transferring. However, differences in operating environments, there can be variations in data throughput, signal range, and wireless coverage per square.

The operating temperature is 32° to 140°F or 0° to 40°C. You can easily extend your current WiFi with your existing gateway, router or ISP-provided gateway.


Bonyage is the perfect choice for WiFi booster for Smart TVs because it doubles the WiFi coverage with ease and leaves no dead zones behind.

You just need to plug the extender directly into an electrical outlet and it can easily extend WiFi coverage to dead zones which your existing WiFi signal was incapable of doing.

This way it can increase the signal coverage of your Wi-Fi network for better WiFi quality. It is efficient in supporting all 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards of Wi-Fi routers and wireless access points.

The Wireless AC technology delivers combined dual-band speeds of up to 1200 Mbps. Smart TVs or games consoles can easily be connected to your WiFi network using the Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The specialty of this WiFi booster lies in its ability to combine the bandwidth of both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz channels making it work in high-speed mode. This makes it the first choice for performing bandwidth intensive tasks.

It comes with an easy WPS installation. With a pick of WPS button, you can allow the WiFi booster to join the existing wireless networking. LEDs indicate the signal strength and help you find the best set up location.

These are the highly recommended WiFi boosters that are helpful in giving you an amazing time surfing the internet.

The problem of slow WiFi connection and the presence of dead zones have been the major concerns of every household and office for a long time. Ironing all the creases, WiFi boosters are making our lives easier.

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