Top 10 Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers (2020)

Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

If you live in an area with transcendent seasons and gorgeous weather you probably spend a lot of time outdoors on a deck, porch or in your backyard sitting by the fire.

Be it in some villa by the beach or just the rooftop sunset viewpoint, you try to enjoy to the fullest. A very indispensable ingredient that includes music. If you want to enjoy your music by the pool or the barbecue, there are a ton of outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

Speakers that won’t muffle the sound or make your favorite song sound like a series of hisses or pops are the ones that you are looking for. Outdoor Bluetooth speakers enable you to host a party outdoor without forfeiting quality and portability. Great music is a massive add-on to any party.

However, the boombox or indoor compact speakers can’t compete with the ambient noise outside, they’re just not made for that.

Walls play a very significant role is good quality music, with proper reflections taken into consideration, indoor speakers sound great. Unfortunately, there won’t be walls outside to reflect and give the perfect echo and bass combinations to your music.

You need speakers that can blend right in the background and still surround you with great music. You can rely on several outdoor Bluetooth speakers that are not only equipped with good woofers but also maintain a crisp sound all around the place.

Bluetooth speakers produce great sound and wireless convenience but when you add outdoor to the equation, it takes it to the next level.

There are a lot of fields that need to be checked for a good outdoor Bluetooth speaker, sound quality, durability, and even the design. Let say you host a pool party by the barbecue and it gets a little crazy by the night.

Now you need a speaker that is ready to withstand a few drops of water or maybe some good wine. There are a ton of outdoor Bluetooth speakers that can withstand water and dirt and still deliver great music.

Check out these outdoor speakers that are a mixed bag of rugged, portable, high bass and even a landscape blend-in.

In this age of advanced technology, we’re still waiting for flying Uber cars but a waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speaker is pretty cool too. Let’s dig in.

Best Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

UE Boom 3 and Megaboom 3 – $150 & $200

What everyone needs on their wireless speaker checklist is a perfect blend of sound quality, durability, and battery life.

Ultimate Ears has just the right recipe for it. To keep up with the big ones from Sony and JBL, UE brought the Megaboom that is bigger and better in every way. First things first, both the speakers are IP67 water-resistant and they float easily on the water.

They can stay up to 30-40 minutes in water. The Boom can resist a drop of 5 feet whereas the Megaboom can endure a 3 feet drop. Both these bad boys have a fabric body and a better reflective material with finer grills

You’ve got your standard power and Bluetooth buttons but UE has a “magic” button that has users hyped up. You can use Alexa and control the device but it is always easier to have some physical buttons at your service.

The product design is flawed when it comes to charging, similar to the Apple Mouse. It doesn’t matter a lot for a speaker but it could’ve been made better.

The smaller one has a battery life of 15 hours whereas the big brother has a battery life of about 20 hours. These outdoor Bluetooth speakers are durable, rugged and have got pretty premium features as per the price point.

Best Mountable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The Monster BTW249 – $249

Mountable outdoor Bluetooth speakers give a distinctive surround sound effect when in sync with multiple speakers.

The beast by Monster is focused at delivering state of the art audio quality around your pool or the patio. Out of the box, the speakers look durable and sturdy. There is a handle at the top which helps with placing and portability.

This handle then divides the speaker into two smaller speakers that are wall mountable. The Monster is equipped with 40 watts of power and can connect up to 8 speakers. This form of speaker is easy to spread across the patio and even join and make a boombox out of it.

Both the parts of the speaker look identical and have the same tweeters and mid-woofers under the hood. One of them has an easy play button, a Bluetooth button, a volume rocker, and the AUX in too.

Both the speakers are trained to work both in indoors and outdoors. It is built from very hard plastic which is durable enough to withstand falls from a small height. The Bluetooth connectivity is on another level here, you can go up to 70 feet apart and it will still be connected.

These outdoor Bluetooth speakers focus a lot of portability and wireless ease that makes them a great choice for parties. When it comes to audio quality it is good. It could’ve been better but then again it can’t get better without walls.

The midbass levels are really good but it lacks audio clarity and the lows. This is not the case when the speakers are played indoors. Overall, it is a great build and has a great battery backup that can run nonstop at any party.

1. JBL Boombox

Big battery with beast-like bass for $380

JBL has a lot of competitions to crush with the Boombox, be it Sony’s GTK-XB7 or Marshall’s Woburn. This extremely rugged speaker takes an outdoor Bluetooth speaker to another level. At first look, the device screams premium right out of the box.

It comes around 11 and a half pounds and the handle that runs around the device makes the product look so good.

It is IPX7 certified which means you can drop this up to 3-5 feet deep underwater for 30 minutes straight. So the next time you’re in for a pool party, make sure to carry this rugged powerhouse with you.

The rubber surrounds are pretty rugged and they don’t fall off quite easily even when pressed. There are no speakers in the rear but the rubbed grills surround the full body.

JBL could’ve added the 360-degree audio which is probably the only thing lacking here. Similar to the JBL Xtreme, the Boombox is just a bigger brother.

When it comes to specs, the boombox is actually a pretty decent device. This is a definite must-have for any audiophile who loves outdoors. There are a number of buttons that are very tactile and clicky.

There is a logo shaped button for a quick connect. The power button is placed between the volume rockers which is a pretty weird design. It also has a button for enabling voice assistant and everyone likes smart speakers.

The JBL Connect Plus button allows you to fill up any indoor or outdoor place with multiple JBL Boomboxes. The stereo pairing mode will allow you to connect and sync multiple outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

You can connect up to a 100+ connect plus enabled speakers for a complete ecosystem. It is packed with a 20,000 mAh battery and top-notch speakers. Overall for the price point, this is a boombox which is a must-have for every music lover.

2. LG Xboom Go PK5 & PK7

Odd looks and beat-driven lights for $149 & $249

To tackle the competitions from Bose Revolve+, JBL Extreme 2 and even the Ultimate Ears MegaBoom, LG tried to come up with its own beast. The Xboom comes in 3 variants; the PK3, PK5 and the PK7.

The devices increase in size and quality as the price and number go up. The PK5 and the PK7 are the perfect contenders when it comes to outdoor Bluetooth speakers. The device out of the box looks more rugged and functional than any other outdoor Bluetooth speaker out there.

The speakers it has got under the hood united with lights on the outside and make a perfect device for any party. LG has got the XGrip design on the device that won’t crack or snap even if it goes through harsh conditions.

It is IPX5 water-resistant which means it can endure water spray from all directions, which is pretty good.

There are a total of 8 buttons on this device that is placed very formally giving more tactical feedback. You can even go back on a song if you press the skip button three times, this is a good user experience upgrade from LG.

The device comes with enhanced bass as any other outdoor Bluetooth speaker must come with. Once tapped on the button, the device goes full-on bass mode. You can mix and match and even customize the LEDs on the outside with their app. There are a few custom lighting effects like a party, water, and forest.

These bad boys also support connecting to more Xboom speakers. You can either play them in stereo or sync them and get a really great music experience.

It comes with a laptop-like charger which allows the speaker to stay alive for about 22 hours on 50% volume with LED lights on. With the Meridian technology, LG delivers the perfect mix of bass and clarity that lacks is most outdoor Bluetooth speakers.

3. JBL Link 20

The smartest speaker in the line up with Google Assistant for $199

The speaker is small as compared to other massive speakers in the lineup but then again, portability is also needed when it comes to outdoor music playback. This speaker works great handsfree which most of the other speakers lack.

You can just say, “Hey Google, shuffle songs by Nucleya” and you’ll have a good setup for your party within seconds without even touching the device.

In this world of Voice User Interface, JBL has stepped up and has got this device future ready. The device looks premium out of the box. The device screams minimalism with subtle LED indicators for WiFi and power.

This device is portable enough and you can even hold it in your wrist, but with the bass, we wouldn’t recommend it. JBL has done a fine job with tuning the midbass and refining the lows. The sound is crisper than ever.

The speaker has Bluetooth and WiFi and connects to Google Assistant. This smart outdoor Bluetooth speaker can run up to 10 hours with a single charge. The device floats on water so you can take it to the pool and place it near you for great music experience. This is also great for indoors.

It is more like the Google Home with steroids. For a price point of $200, this is very durable and well made. Overall, audio quality is what matters at the end of the day and JBL has not only delivered but also made it better in every way possible.

4. Bose Soundlink Revolve+

360-degree premium music with greater portability for $300

Bose SoundLink comes in two variants, the cheaper and smaller Revolve and the louder and more portable Revolve+ that comes with a fabric handle. The Revolve+ aims at providing top-notch audio quality.

This outdoor Bluetooth speaker looks somewhat like the Google Home with a cylindrically shaped device that gets fat towards the bottom. Priced in the range of large Bluetooth speakers, this is a really compact device that actually delivers.

The fabric handle is a good add-on for portability but could’ve been made more elastic. On first looks, it definitely exposes the premium Bose delivers. The device is bump resistant and has a great minimal design with refined speaker grills.

The speaker is also IPX4 certified and hence is rain and splash-proof. The outdoor Bluetooth speaker has 6 tactile buttons on the top of the device. It supports Siri and Google Assistant for hands-free music. Bose has improved the Voice Prompts on this device where the device lets you know the battery and the device connected and much more stuff.

Bose delivers pretty heavy bass in this small package. The audio is crystal clear which is pretty expected from a major league company like Bose.

The device features a 3.5mm jack and charges with a micro USB. It has a whopping wireless range of 30ft which is amazing when it comes to outdoor Bluetooth speakers. You can rely on it for about 15-16 hours after one full charge.

The device is controlled by the Bose Connect App which is an all-in-one place for all the features that Bose has to offer. Overall, the device gives a great music experience to the user at a beefy price point, but it is definitely worth it.

5. Scosche BoomBottle MM

Optimized for outdoors for $130

The BoomBottle MM is the size of a 16-ounce beverage, same as the Boom, but completely different.

The MM stands for “MagicMount” which allows magnets to make the speaker feature-packed for all your outdoor adventures. The speaker on first look screams rugged and durable from all the sides. It is a whopping IP67 certified water and dustproof outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

Straight out of the box, it comes with a USB Type C charging cable, a magnetic metal pad, some guides and the device itself. The device can stick to any surface be it metal or non-metal. It has magnets on the bottom that are very very strong and can stay where you want them to stay.

The BoomBottle MM also comes with a magnetic pad that you can place using an adhesive to the non-metal ground and the device snaps on to it with the same magnets. It is also equipped with a bottle opener that comes handy in every outdoor plan.

The sides of the device show very sturdily looking tactile buttons that look like they have been carved straight out of the device. This outdoor Bluetooth speaker has a 12-hour battery life with a 4000mAh backup. It has an auto EQ for indoors and outdoors.

The speaker is not at par with other competitors when it comes to premium audio quality. But then again, with all the features, it is definitely a device you want to take with you to the outdoors.

Overall, for the price tag, it is unbelievably robust and feature-packed but lacks good bass. Well, with the in-built bottle opener, you might be having more fun indeed.

6. JBL Clip 3

Small enough for every adventure for $60

When it comes to indoor or outdoor Bluetooth speakers, JBL has got a majority of devices to satisfy every kind of user. The Clip 2 and Clip 3 are JBL’s most portable yet durable wireless speakers.

The Clip 3 is more premium looking and has got a crisper audio clarity as compared to the Clip 2 with a retractable 3.5mm audio cable. Clip 3 can get the job done even better than the Bose Soundlink Micro at a fraction of the price. The new Clip 3 was released in 2018 with a sleek and minimal design.

It has a durable fabric mesh on the front which is very comfortable to hold too. On the back, it has a soft touch rubber which also acts as an adhesive to stay in one place. It allows you to connect a 3.5mm audio jack for wires music which is not found in Bose soundlink micro.

It charges through a micro USB cable and JBL should’ve upgraded to type C with this one. JBL advertises a 10-hour battery life on the clip 3 which is immense as compared to other pocket-friendly outdoor Bluetooth speakers. With volume at 90%, the device manages to get a playback time of around 6 hours which is pretty decent.

It is IPX7 water-resistant and if you’re willing to take it on a hike, the Clip will help you a lot. You can just hook it on to your backpack and you’ve got music anywhere you go.

It has a single 40mm speaker and passive radiators. The buttons are very tactile and clicky and have rubber coverings for easy grip too. It has a wide sound stage and throws sound to a greater extent with crisp bass.

There isn’t great bass on this device looking at the size, but it is pretty decent. For the price tag, this is definitely a good product.

7. Anker Soundcore Flare

Can size LED beat-driven speaker for $60

The Anker Soundcore Flare is wrapped around in soft-touch fabric which makes it the best looking outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

The previous Soundcore speakers were durable and they sounded decent, with the new Flare, they’ve got prettier too. It features a 360-degree sound like the Bose Soundlink Revolve but at a fraction of the cost.

It also has a beat-driven LED ring at the bottom of the device which makes it look awesome in outdoor dim places. The subtle buttons are on top of the device. There is a dedicated bass button that will fill the place with crisp bass.

There is a rubber flap that makes this device IPX7 certified and you can stop worrying about dust and water. Anker is known for their classy power banks and hence the device features a massive 12-hour battery backup. This outdoor Bluetooth speaker is definitely a run for your money.  

Anker has an app that will let you change the lights, add more speakers for a stereo effect and even some more functions. The app is available for both Android and iOS. With the volume set to full, it doesn’t really pop the sound clarity. It maintains a good sound stage which is not seen is many speakers.

The LED lights are pretty decent and will help you relax if you’re placing it on your bedside desk too. The app will let you control the EQ and balance it for indoors and outdoors. The not so grippy fiber adds on to the device as a whole and makes it look premium for the humble price point.

Anker could’ve done better with the audio when compared to other manufacturers, but the lights steal the show. Overall, this is a great product for any audiophile out there at a pocket-friendly budget.

8. Fugoo Sport XL

Louder sound and rugged design for $90

Fugoo has a wide array of outdoor Bluetooth speakers like the Go, Sport, Style-S, Tough, Tough Camo and several other upgrades with the XL variants. Fugoo is known for its rugged design and state of the art durability.

The speakers under the hood are equally efficient. The larger Sports speaker is a 12” long and 4” wide. You can compare the size with a JBL Xtreme but the Fugoo is slightly better looking and slim.

It weighs around 1.9kg which points to the rugged design of the product. On first looks, there are large buttons on the top of the device for easy usage.

The buttons glow in the dark which is a magnificent add-on for outdoor environments. The buttons are very responsive and clicky. Around the right and left sides, the speaker grills look awesome. There are power and a Bluetooth button just above the grills. It also features a 3.5mm jack for those wired music playbacks.

The device is charged with a wall plug adapter like a laptop and is not your average micro USB charger.

One charge can make it scream for a crazy 35 hours. The left side of the device features a tight rubber clip with a micro USB port which is only used for updating the speakers and a USB 2.0 for charging your devices.

The fiber raisin body allows it to withstand a 3ft drop which can also be removed. Despite being heavy, the speaker floats on water and you can rely on it for about 40 minutes of underwater usage.

Fugoo packs 4 tweeters, 2 mid-woofers, and a couple of radiators. Overall, this outdoor Bluetooth speaker is really well built and a must-buy for the price point.

9. UE WonderBoom

You cute little pool pal for $70

Ultimate Ears is no stranger to indoor or outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Be it the Boom or the Roll series, UE has stepped up the level with a step down on the size.

The mini portable speaker is just a mere 10cm long and 9cm wide. The speaker on the first instance looks super minimal and cute. It is IPX7 rated and can spend a decent amount of time floating with you on the pool.

The can looking speaker has 3 buttons up top. There is a small fabric loop that can be used for attaching it to your carabiner. It has a small plastic flap at its abdomen which is pretty tight and adds-on to the water resistance.

It covers the micro USB input which is used for charging the device. UE should’ve gone for a type C charging instead but no worries. There is no 3.5mm input but Bluetooth 4.0 is good enough for wireless music streaming. This outdoor Bluetooth speaker has a range of 100ft and it can pair with up to 8 devices.

The bass could’ve been better but the lows and audio clarity is top notch. UE knows how to handle EQ really well and you won’t regret taking it to the outdoors.

To easily double up between the UE speakers, you can just long-press the UE button and you’re good to go. It can stay awake for 10 hours of music playback and can charge itself completely in just 2.8 hours.

The device comes in great design covers like the Patches, Concrete and even the Unicorn variant. Overall, UE has focused on making this device cute and efficient and they’ve done a good job.

10. Eton Rukus Xtreme

Best solar-powered outdoor Bluetooth speaker for $180

This is not your typical Bluetooth speaker, this is a solar-powered outdoor Bluetooth speaker made for audiophiles and adventurers.

It is an industrial looking device that is sturdy durable too. There are buttons for media playback on the top and also a solar panel that can charge it while you’re listening to your music. The Rukus can charge through the sun in the day and retains the power by the lithium battery in the night.

It also duals as a power bank for your phones, which helps a lot on trips when you’re phone dies. The device has won a CES best product design of the year and many more such prizes.

Eton has focused the device completely for the outdoor Bluetooth speaker market. The new Rukus is dustproof, waterproof and supports Bluetooth 4.0 on. The newer version has improved audio quality and the speakers fire up great bass.

Compared to the Rugged Rukus 2, the extreme comes with more juice for your smartphones and a better midbass.

Overall, this is just the device for someone who likes trekking and camping a lot. Eton has not published the exact specs for the device, not a great choice in today’s market.

Overall, every device featured here is a good pick for the price point. Every device fulfills a certain task really well and audio is definitely the top requirement. There is still some space in the audio tech industry where more innovation could give it a facelift.

As a whole, for any audiophile who loves outdoors, adventures or be it just hiking, these outdoor Bluetooth speakers are a great choice.

Buyer’s Guide to Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

In case, you are still unsure which outdoor speakers are best for you, then you must read the buyer’s guide to wireless outdoor speakers. We have researched about frequently asked questions and have put it below.

Wireless vs. Bluetooth Speakers- What is the difference?

Well, to answer it fairly every Bluetooth is a wireless speaker but not every wireless is a Bluetooth speaker. Many people get confused, hence, let us discuss more in detail. The only thing to keep in mind is that Bluetooth is a type of wireless technology, hence, there is no wiring included.

To begin with, you must know that wireless devices are less in number, whereas Bluetooth is present in most of the smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. But, that is not the case for wireless. On the same note, pairing two devices is much easier and convenient with Bluetooth, as Bluetooth pairs up and accepts all manufacturers. On the other hand, wireless receivers come with a brand device i.e. they only pair with other brand devices or a single device.

Moreover, Bluetooth devices are able to connect with a greater range of devices. The primary devices are cell phones, computer mice, and keyboards. The primary devices that use wireless connection are notebooks, laptops, desktops, and smartphones. 

Bluetooth Edge ends and wireless takes over

It is quite visible that wireless speakers have much greater connectivity as compared to the Bluetooth one. For example, the range of Bluetooth devices is 30 feet and for wireless devices, it is the minimum range. If you are using 802.11b/g WLAN device, the range for indoors will be around 30 feet for indoor and outdoor, it will increase up to thrice.

Wireless has an edge over Bluetooth in terms of the frequency range, bandwidth, and bit-rate. The wireless operates on 2.4, 3.6, and 5GHz radio frequencies. Bluetooth is limited to 2.4GHz and this will affect the range, bandwidth, and speed. The wireless provides you a better bandwidth i.e. up to 11 Mbps, whereas Bluetooth rates are only at 800 Kbps.

This does affect the bit-rate which is important for hand speakers. For wireless, it can go up to 600Mbps, while for Bluetooth it will only go up to 2.1 Mbps. The practical difference is the device will have to compress the data to reduce bit-rate which in turn affects the audio fidelity. 

The final word is that wireless devices will have higher power consumption than Bluetooth ones. This will affect the longevity of batteries in case it is a portable device and a portable speaker.

Then, what would be better to get a Wireless or a Bluetooth speaker? To be honest, it all depends on your needs and that is with all products. But, it is advised that if you need a better range and true audio fidelity, you must go for a wireless type. But, in case you require longer playtime between charging and wider compatibility range, then you must prefer Bluetooth.

Benefits of Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Apart from the ease in installation, people prefer wireless outdoor speakers because they do not want any wiring that is unattractive and is at risk.

The wireless speakers are also portable and they can be easily moved to different locations. This allows using speakers indoors and outdoors.

Disadvantage of Wireless Outdoor Speakers

There is no doubt that outdoor speakers are great, but there are some drawbacks that people don’t overlook. The first concern is that speakers are the greatest selling point and they are wireless. Although they are great for eliminating cables, if you are planning for a permanent installation, then they are not a good choice.

The second drawback is that they have in-built batteries and that need to be recharged. That’s why they are not a good option for permanent installation at home. However, the simple trick if you want to install speakers and do not move them is you need to run an extension lead to the speaker and charge using a power supply. Once the speaker is charged, you can put the extension lead away. It is a hassle to do so each time, but if you purchase speakers which have a good battery life, you would not require to charge speakers very often.

Types of Outdoor Speakers

If you want a good outdoor speaker, it is important to understand the different types of speakers available. There are wireless speakers that are portable and can be brought outside and placed on the table. There are other types of speakers that can be mounted on the wall.

You can use the speakers whenever you want. There are other types of speaker that is used if you want them unnoticed in your yard. You can use rock speakers that actually look real rock and blend in with outdoor space.

Types of Connection 

RCA Adapter It allows for the connection of RCA cables to the speaker system.
Auxiliary Input It allows the connection of another device to the speaker system. 
iPod / iPhone/ iPad Dock It allows the speaker system to read and play audio from smart devices. 
Home Theatre It is a speaker system that is designed to work with the theater system. 

Once you know what type of speakers you want to purchase, you can take a look at various speakers available in the market. There are different specifications and features one should consider for different models of wireless outdoor speakers. Here is the list of 5 things that you should consider when shopping for the right speakers –

  • Durability – Since the speakers are used for outdoors, then you must take care of all-weather and damaging elements associated with it. A high-quality outdoor speaker will mean that it is an all-weather product.

    This means that the speakers can stay outdoors during several kinds of weather such as rain, hail, and snow and still work great. The speaker must have a protective covering so that it remains undamaged during bad weather.
  • Waterproof Speakers – The most important feature for outdoor speakers is that they should be waterproof. Most of the wireless outdoor speakers carry a rating between IPX4 to IPX6. Here is what those waterproof ratings actually mean –

    IPX4 – The speaker is protected from splashes from all directions and they are good to use around the pool but not in the shower.

    IPX5 – The speaker is protected from water sprayed and they can be used in the shower, rain, and around the pool.

    IPX6 – The speaker is protected from high-pressure sprays from all directions and can be used in water conditions but cannot be submerged.

While all of the above IPX ratings will protect the wireless outdoor speakers from rain, but it is recommended to not leave the speakers permanently outside. The wireless outdoor speakers are not durable and weather hardened.

  • Sound Quality – The sound quality is an important aspect to consider since if they would not sound good, you will not want to sue them. It is important to check several specifications and features with each speaker to make sure that it will produce good sound quality such as frequency response, sensitivity, and woofers.
  • Compatibility – It is important that the outdoor speakers you purchase are compatible with stereo, projector or other electronics that you want to connect. All the speakers are Bluetooth compatible with version 4 and higher. In case you don’t have a Bluetooth device, you can get a wireless speaker which can take an AUX input.
  • Warranty – You would like to check if the speakers come with a warranty and if so what is covered and for how long. Since these speakers will be sued outdoors, hence, it is important to look for the feature in each product.
  • Reviews – Sometimes the best way to know about any speakers is to check what users are saying about it. It is important to see if the speakers are getting good reviews or if there are any complaints about the speakers. This will help you to narrow down the selection to find the right wireless outdoor speakers for you.
  • Finding the right speakers for you – Whether you choose good wireless outdoor speakers or find something else, it is up to you. Here are some tips to choose the best wireless speakers –

    – Make sure to check all the features of the speaker and then make any decision.
    – Take your time to compare different brands and models and then consider how do you want to use speakers. This will help you find the right fit for you.
    – Battery life is very crucial and if you are planning to use these speakers for a longer period of time, then you must go for a minimum of 10-hour battery life.

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