Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers of 2020

Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers of 2020

Bluetooth speakers have improved over the years. Presently, they are awesomely suitable for personal needs and any little occasion at your house. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is charging them. They can easily be connected with your phone and then tap the play button.

If you require an amazing Bluetooth speaker, look no further. Written below is the list of carefully selected ten best 2020 Bluetooth speakers. Although most of them are well-built, some are elegant, some are weather-resistant, and some are not suitable for the outdoors.

UE Boom 3

Image Source: CNet

Certainly, there are huge and fantastic Bluetooth speakers, but none of them is equal to the interesting and simplicity of the Ultimate Ears Boom 3. It brings out some of the most audible, pleasant, balanced sounds for its size. Also, the waterproof cylinder is available in several colors, it can run for 15 hours between charges, and it offers you 100 feet of Bluetooth range. Also, it provides a two-year warranty after purchase. In case you need to get a party alive, then the Megaboom 3 ($185) is a robust model that amplifies the bass.

Tribit StormBox

Image Source: Review Geek

Although Tribit isn’t common, its series of Bluetooth speakers sound much better compared to their prices. StormBox is one of the best models. It has double firing drivers and passive radiators in a 7-inch-long pill design. But, it can’t personally power an active dance party. Still, its audio clarity is attractive, and it also possesses an interesting additional bass button that gives some astonishing thump, if a little turbid.

Denon Envaya 

Image Source:Tech Radar

Denon’s three Envaya speakers look impressive on pairing. The largest model is an 8-inch DSB-250BT and costs $200—the other two, which are priced at $99 and $149, sound excellent for their sizes. Though the Envaya’s volume doesn’t get extraordinarily loud, the plus point is that it doesn’t distort. Thanks to an onboard amplifier, Denon Envaya brings any playlist to life than any bargain speaker we’ve heard.

Sonos Move

Image Source: Slash Gear

If you require a Bluetooth speaker that can take up any room or patio but lives most of its life inside, the Sonos Move is without a doubt an excellent speaker to develop a home network around. Sonos invented wireless multiroom speakers, and its speakers effectively connect to almost every streaming service, and they also work well with Google Assistant or Alexa. Their sound is undoubtedly incredible by all measure. The Move is basically a wireless speaker that streams over your Wi-Fi network. Nevertheless, it also works as a Bluetooth speaker whenever you take it outdoors or in places without Wi-Fi.

UE Wonderboom 2

Image Source: CNet

In 2017, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom won the WIRED Gear of the Year award since it was the best pool partner you can have. This recent Wonderboom 2 is much better than the previous one. The small 4-inch ball of joy features IP67 water and dust resistance. The battery runs for about 13 hours of battery, it possesses a 100-foot Bluetooth range, floats, and gives out efficient sound while doing it.

JBL Link Portable

Image Source: 9to5 Toys

This latest JBL Link Portable. It possesses a Google Assistant integration and 360-degree audio. It comes with beneficial accessories such as a charging cradle that comfortably plops down on between trips outside. You get to enjoy about eight hours of the JBL Link portable on a charge. Also, it is waterproof for about a meter for up to 30 minutes. 

JBL Clip 2

Image Source: Gadgets Now

Although it’s not the recent model, the JBL Clip 2 is still one of the best carabiner-based speakers. It has the size of a hockey puck, portable enough that you can carry it with you anywhere you’re going. It’s waterproof and possesses a small carabiner at the top so you can fasten it to any stuff. It features lots of controls on it (volume, play, Bluetooth, power) than its counterparts. The kicker is a built-in, retractable 3.5-mm audio cable, providing you with an easy way to plug-in for some fast tunes without fussing with Bluetooth.

Tribit StormBox Micro

Image Source: CNet

Indeed, the Tribit StormBox Micro is one of the best speakers for bike rides. It has an elastic silicone strap that’s just tight enough to add to bike handlebars or a backpack strap. You can pair two together, for instance, if a friend has one as well, for enjoyable socially-distanced rides. It possesses an IP67 dust and water resistance rating, which implies that it is weather resistant. It has an eight-hour battery life on a charge, making it incredible for long adventurous rides.

JBL Link Portable

Image Source: Homecinema Magazine

We’ve been big fans of JBL’s portable smart speakers for a couple of years now, starting with the Link 20 and now the newer Link Portable. It has excellent Google Assistant integration and 360-degree sound. JBL Link comes with useful accessories like a charging cradle that it quickly plops down on between trips outside. You’ll get eight hours of juice on a charge, and it’s waterproof for up to a meter for 30 minutes. 

Bose SoundLink Mini II

Image Source: PCWorld

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is a very old bluetooth speaker but it still is one of the best sounding wireless speakers. The SoundLink Mini II punches way above what its size would suggest, offering deep bass, fizzy highs and a lush midrange. It proves that small speakers don’t always have to compromise on the sound quality.

Final Thoughts 

Before you can buy a Bluetooth speaker, there are lots of things you’ll have to consider. For instance, if you want it to be wireless or wired. Although several wired speakers, such as the Amazon Echo, offer top-notch Bluetooth listening, it won’t be easy to bring them outside your kitchen or living room. It’s more convenient to go with a speaker that has a rechargeable battery for on-the-go audio. Another thing is that you’ll have to decide if a Bluetooth speaker with a voice assistant is the best option for you. 

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