Top 10 Best Noise Canceling Earplugs – Our list for 2020.

best noise cancelling earbuds

With companies getting rid of the headphone jack, it is high time to explore for better alternatives. Wearing wireless audio accessories can make a substantial difference while traveling abroad or just working out at the gym.

You may find people wearing all sorts of different wireless earplugs and headphones to get wireless technology to improve really quickly. So right around the corner when companies started to toss out the headphone jack, many of those companies started manufacturing their own wireless audio tech.

You can now experience the same high-quality music without the hindrance of the crossing of wires with the new best noise canceling earplugs. Many companies like Google, Apple, Samsung, Huawei started with wireless earphones and headphones during Q3 2017.

You do face the problem of recharging the wireless buds once they run out of battery, but then again this has to happen to improve the technology really quickly. Earplugs are the new form of media consumption in this era.

They possess greater comfort and take the most disheartening thing out of the equation, tangled wires. With the advent of better wireless technologies, earplugs are improving their battery life, comfort, and even their user interface.

So, if you’re simply looking for the best of the best in the truly wireless earplugs space, then we have you covered.

Here is a list of top 10 best noise canceling earplugs that provides top-notch sound quality and superior comfort.

1. Bose QuietControl 30

For a while now Bose has been at the top of the active noise canceling sector and they’re finally getting competitors to their over ears like Sony. Bose has now included noise-canceling buttons to their best noise canceling earplugs.

The box is pretty regular with a stellar looking picture in the front. Once inside the box, you will be welcomed with the product itself and a CD-shaped carrying case for extra protection.

You will also get 2 extra pairs of ear tips and a micro-USB cable for charging the earplugs in time.

The earplugs are attached to a wire which is attached to a neck piece that sits on your neck. This is a pretty mainstream design and Bose has taken it to a whole another level with features and minimalism.

On the inside of the neckband, there is a single raised button and two small LED indicators for battery and Bluetooth pairing. The rest of the minimal design is made of soft plastic. There is a Bose logo at the end of the neckband which looks pretty stunning too.

The neck piece will get jumbled a bit and you might need to readjust it a few times. If you are a morning person then this might be a problem for you. The control module has a ton of features. Apart from the mainstream control buttons, there are two more buttons on the side of it. You can control the noise canceling from these buttons.

The neck piece will get jumbled a bit and you might need to readjust it a few times. If you are a morning person then this might be a problem for you.

You can lower it to hear announcements in your college or at the airport. Bose does know how to make sure to fit the earplugs in our ears.

With added rubber padding, it is really comfortable for long hours of music consumption.

You get about 10 hours of battery life with spot-on noise canceling for $299 bucks.

2. Sony WI-1000X

The WI-1000X is Sony’s answer to the Bose QuietControl 30 with a similar product design but with Sony’s audio magic. Aesthetically speaking, Sony has made the earplugs top-notch when it comes to design. The neckband is made up of leather towards the back and it gives additional comfort and support.

The product design doesn’t allow it to slide around your neck which is pretty helpful. Sony’s best noise canceling earplugs are minimal in design with the black and gunmetal duo.

It comes with a protective pouch but not a hard case for traveling and a USB to 3.5mm headphone jack.

Sony wants us to get the exact fit for comfort and quality and hence it comes with a whopping 6 pairs of ear tips. The foam tips are really comfortable and you can binge listen to music for a long time on them.

The audio gives you a hefty and solid feel with a crisp bass which is pretty expected from Sony. The app that teams up with the device has a ton of features to start with.

There is a wind reduction framework, an atmospheric temperature manager for noise cancelation, custom noise cancelation that allows you to chose what you want to listen. They have a battery backup of 10 hours which is not very appealing from Sony’s point of view.

The overall device screams quality but Sony could’ve at least found a way to put more than 12 hours of battery life in this device.

This will be focused on bikers, jogging and trekking enthusiasts. The device will give you complete isolation and it is worth the $300 price point.

3. Jabra Elite 65e

This pair of Bluetooth earplugs are water-resistant, comfortable, and even feature active noise cancellation. Jabra has got all the points covered and is a worthy competitor with a premium around the neck style. The design is very similar to the Elite 25e which is Jabra’s solution for budget-friendly wireless earplugs.

The Elite 65e is tagged at $200 and it is worth every extra penny. The band itself is very flexible and comfortable with a smooth rubber finish that gets it IP54 water resistance. There are dedicated buttons on the band itself and there is magnet attached on the earplugs for hassle-free storage.

It has an 8-hour battery backup with active noise cancelation and will have a 13-hour reserve without noise cancelation. Jabra also features a Jabra Plus App that allows you to customize the earplugs to fit you.

You can charge it with a micro USB cable present at the underside of the neckband. The overall audio quality is top-notch and the bass is dynamic too.

It would’ve been unquestionably the best noise cancelation earplugs if it was $50 cheaper.

4. Sony WI-SP600N

Sony is a market leader when it comes to audio tech. They are steadily thinking out of the box and making distinctive changes to their products which gets them the trust. But they could’ve done better with the SP600N and the SP700N.

They aren’t all bad but some of the features might make you think Sony rushed them out of the door. The SP600N has a single wire connecting the two earplugs with an added benefit of the inline controller.

Starting with the box, it comes included with a micro USB cable, an extra ear fin and 3 extra ear tips. The thing that struct users here is that there aren’t any cable management clips and no carrying pouch either.

It does constantly bounce around with the lack of cable control and it is not really recommended for bikers, joggers and gym enthusiasts. The buttons have good tactile feedback and they are easy to tell apart.

The best noise canceling earplugs in the SP series by Sony can hold a 6-hour charge. A quick charge feature would have been satisfying with a better battery backup.

The bass is deep and punchy but it feels like Sony just centered on the bass on this one.

5. Jaybird Freedom 2

The Freedom 2 wireless sports earphones retail for a $150 with Jaybird’s SpeedFit hallmark. The first feature that Jaybird included after Freedom 1 is a SpeedFit feature that gives you better wire management.

With the Jaybird app, you can now track your earplugs with the Find my Buds feature. The last thing that they changed is that they completely changed the product design. It has new ear tips and ear fins now for a better and more comfortable fit.

The ear tips are conical for a more relaxed fit for long hours. You do get the top-notch Jaybird noise reduction here but with it comes an additional ambient noise for runners as a safety measure. The Freedom 2 won’t allow you to use the earplugs without the ear fins.

Jaybird tried to simplify things with the Freedom 2. The sound quality is pretty crisp but the bass could’ve been better. Jaybird has focused more on comfort and the rest is pretty much same as the Freedom first gen.

6. Phiaton BT 150 NC

Phiaton’s best noise canceling earplugs come with Bluetooth 4.2, active noise cancellation, touch interface, and an IPX4 sweat and water resistant rating. Out of the box, it comes with 3 pairs of ear tips for a custom fit.

It charges with a micro USB cable which is included in the box. The earplugs are really flexible which allows for exceptional comfort. It has touch capacitive buttons around the side of the earplugs which is a very key solution for earplugs that most manufacturers don’t throw light on.

You can swipe up or down for volume control. On the underside of the neckband, there is a dedicated switch for noise cancelation. It has retractable earplugs that you can pull once and it will slide straight inside the neckband. These small peculiarities build up and make one of the best noise canceling earplugs.

It reduces ambient noise by 95% and has power saving sensors. The overall user experience is pretty well focused by Phiaton’s BT 150NC.

These earplugs have a massive bass as compared to other competitors. For $150, you are getting a sleek design and stunning sound quality and that is worth the money.

7. Linner NC50

The Linner NC50 is compared to Beats X by a lot many tech reviewers for half the price. A company that not many people know about is delivering unmatchable quality. They took the same neckband design and made it better in every way conceivable.

They made the cable thicker and rounded around the edges which makes it more comfortable. They’ve made the buttons more tactile and clicky. They are easily distinguishable now and they even put a magnet in the earplugs for easy management.

These are also IPX4 rated for sweat and basic dust particles. The silicon ear tips that are provided in the box are pretty comfy too. The ear tips make sure that the earplugs don’t fall off of your ears. It is pretty recommended for runners.

The audio is punchy and the bass is crisp like the Beats X. These are by far the best noise canceling earplugs by Linner. It provides a whopping 13-hour battery life and for once you will feel like it’s the battery is never-ending

For a price tag of about $70-$80, these are a perfect value for money. The only thing that is upsetting is that it beeps for everything you do to it; skip a song, increase volume, connect them to your phone, etc.

Overall, the earplugs are a pretty good fit for the price.

8. Cowin HE8D

This is Cowin’s $80 active noise canceling Bluetooth earplugs that come with a hard case right out of the box. The spotlight is on the OTG power bank that will allow an additional 10 hours of battery life to the earplugs.

There is a magnetic charging cable without a wall charger. The first impression of the product is somewhat okay when it comes to design and aesthetics. The earplugs themselves feel a little heavy and they have a magnetic charger right at the middle of the cable between the two buds.

The earplugs are not very slim and sleek and they will pop out of your ears and there lies the risk of falling earplus. You can use the ear fins that are given in the box for better support and more comfort.

The build quality is not very attractive and the buttons look a bit dull. There is active noise cancelation along with mic support which is very uncommon in wireless earplugs.

For $80 bucks, this device is not worth the money and there are better competitors for a more premium look and quality around the same budget.

9. Plantronics BackBeat Go 410

The BackBeat GO 3 is Plantronic’s best noise canceling earplugs. The wireless Bluetooth buds come with a neat alternative charging cases but don’t deliver on sound. The $99 earplugs have got the drivers nearer to the ear tips.

It has a water resistant coating on it that won’t ruin your rain time music. The design gets a lot of bass into your ear canal but doesn’t put much effort in the higher and lower music scales.

Unless you are listening to high tempo EDM, this earbud won’t really impress you. The build quality looks premium and the buttons are very tactical. Plantronics made it to the list because of a modern charging cum carrying case.

The case has a micro USB cable inside the sleek looking carry pouch which can charge from the battery inside.

10. TaoTronics TT-BH042

An extraordinary sound at a humble cost is what Tao gives to their customers here. TaoTronics has once again designed an aggressive product at an entry-level price. The pair of earplugs is the best noise canceling earplugs by Tao which is priced at around $24.

Out of the box they are equipped with a few pairs of earwigs for exceptional comfort. You also get a mesh-like carrying case that is pretty safe from its looks. For such a cheap price, they are including enough features and items in the box. From the first impression, they look premium.

There is only one flat cable that runs along the two earplugs and has a small inline controller towards the right earbud. The fit isn’t very comfortable, but you can listen to music at a stretch for about an hour without ear fatigue. It removes about 90% of the ambient noise from your surrounding.

The audio quality is manageable. There is some bass in the earplugs and they do sound good with some tweaks to the equalizer.

For the price point, this is actually something you can try out and test for yourself!


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