Top 10 Bass Headphones – Our top picks for 2019

bass headphones

Gone are the days when Blues used to be on the top of everyone’s Spotify playlist. Bass, the lowest part of harmony in a musical composition.

For ages, we’ve all shared a similar response to low-frequency sound, regardless of our particular preference in music. The bass note is a very powerful note.

It helps your ear decide what all those other notes should sound like together. Bass helps the listener to feel the beat with a very focused and punchy sound.

So next time the beat drops, consider the fact that you are reacting to a connection with a sound that you’ve heard before you were born.

The Millenials and the Gen-Z, are more or so inclined towards Hip-Hop and EDM. With great audio creators around the globe trying out the new form of music, we need assistance to hear them perfectly on our end too.

If you’re on the search of great bass headphones that will literally move your head, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article.

Be it the Indian electronic music producer Nucleya or just our everyday pill of some Skrillex, we’ve gathered just the list you need. After all, it’s all about the bass.

Across cultures and genres, what is it about bass that sends chills to our souls and gives music so much power? We as humans are deeply rooted in the rhythm before we are even born.

Here are 10 of the finest bass headphones in the market that will come and place a sub-woofer next to your ears.

From V-Moda to Skullcandy, there are a ton of Bass headphones that are really heavy when it comes to bass quality. To filter out just 10 from them, we are focusing on price, design, build, performance and even other miscellaneous features.

Let’s dig in to find the best bass headphones for you.

Best Overall Bass Headphones

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless for $109

“Bass you can feel” is what Skullcandy is selling here. Skullcandy is a major league manufacturer when it comes to bass headphones and earphones.

It is a big name who competes really well with the big sharks in the domain. WIth the Crusher WIreless bass headphones, Skullcandy just took their game to the next level.

Looking at the box itself, it is very minimal and has that dope look to it. There is a subtle picture of the headphones right on the cover of the box. Getting inside, the headphones come in a smooth cloth cover.

They fold from one earcup and it makes it pretty portable and easy to carry too.  Alongside the headphones, you get a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack cable and a charger to charge these Bluetooth bass headphones.

The device looks just great. The product design on this thing is on another level with a sleek wire running around the adjustable slider.

The earcups are built really well and overall the device looks really durable. The bass headphones give a lot of confidence when working with its thick and strong metal bands.

The headphone’s body is made up of plastic, but it definitely does not speak cheap from any direction. There is a lot of flex in the headband and you can bend it and flex it to fit your comfort level.

There are 3 buttons on the right side. A volume rocker with + and – signs, and holding them for 3 seconds will allow you to go back or forth a song. This feature is really neat.

The middle round button is the power button which when double tapped allows you to interact with Siri or Google Assistant. The buttons are really clicky and don’t feel cheap.

When it comes to bass, you have a very smooth slider on the left side of the headphone. The slider sits on the side of the earcup which is a very suitable position. The only downside to this, the slider will slow a bit of wear and tear on use.

On the bottom of the left earcup, you will find the micro USB charging port for the Crushers and your 3.5mm port for physical connections. Skullcandy should’ve gone for type C connectors.

These bass headphones have a whopping 40 hour run time on Bluetooth. Even though it has micro USB for charging, it gives you 3 hours of use from just a 10-minute charge.

The earcups are really well fit with comfy cushions. Being bass headphones, they could’ve added more swivel to them. They feel a little bulky at first but that is mostly because of the T-bone headband and the memory foam for noise isolation.

When it comes to audio quality, these are just fabulous. The music is crisp and the bass is right on point. The best point being, you can control the amount of bass you need in every song.

Hence now you’ve got the right device for your daily bass intake. Overall, the sound is pure, the bass is superior and the battery life truly holds.

Best In-Ear Bass Headphones

Sony MDR-XB75AP Extra Bass for $56

Sony still remains undefeated when it comes to premium sound quality and superior durability. Sony is known for its state of the art bass quality in over-the-ear and in-ear headphones.

Even while writing this, I’m listening to Ongoing thing by 20syl on my Sony MDR XB450. It seems like Sony has got it figured out what users exactly need in their bass headphones.

And for the XB75AP also, Sony has taken the audio quality to another level. These bad boys have a 12mm neodymium driver unit that will bring a woofer right next to your ears.

These are developed by Sony for top-notch sound without distortions when you max out the volume. It also has an inline remote and mic for handsfree calls.

Sony has got a Powered Bass Duct++ under its hood for deep bass and powerful sub-bass. Straight out of the box, the best thing about the bass headphones is the tangle-free flat cable.

It feels really premium to touch along with the whole body of the bass headphones. They’re a bit more expensive than its competition but it is worth every penny for bass heads like you and me.

They’re a bit heavier and larger than most of the in-ear headphones. Yet, they sit in your ears nicely and are great for binge listening for 2-3 hours of music. A lot of in-ear earphones came and tried to beat the XB75AP’s audio quality but none survived.

Sony has aced the audio quality on this one and along with XB Extra Bass, it’s cherry on top. These earphones certainly don’t disappoint when people compare about audio.

There is a noticeable extra punch to the bass and they fit really tight and comfy in your ears. The vocals and instruments have got a rather critical clarity to them.

These bass headphones can help you listen to all those subtle sounds that contribute to the absolute audio experience. Sony has somehow managed to cut the mush and the rattle noise when you max out the volumes.

It is more to annoying to hear bad music rather than not hear any music at all. Sony has got you covered for both. These comparatively cheap bass headphones are a good fit for every bass head.

It comes in 3 fantastic colors; Black, Blue, and Red.  These 9gm in-ear headphones can be carried with a travel pouch that you get with it.

Overall, these bass earphones are on another level and we highly recommend you to buy these if you’re looking for budget-friendly in-ear bass headphones.

Best Budget Bass Headphones ($100)

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x for $99

Audio-Technica is known around the globe for making high-end headphones. They are a major league bass headphone manufacturer.

They make products for serious audiophile listeners and also for professional audio creators. Audio-Technica always showcases some interesting innovation that makes then stand out from the crowd.

Long story short, if you take out really good bass from the M50 equation and add better flat frequency audio, you get the M40x.

AT has really worked hard on this as they have tailor-made this for professional music creators. They are really good with lows and mids but lack a little around the bass section.

Don’t get me wrong, the bass is still enough to make your brain freeze, but just not up to the mark already set by other bass headphones from Audio-Technica.

For just under 100 bucks, this thing got famous a while ago but still has got that oomph left in it.

Straight out of the box, you get the headphones wrapped in transparent plastic that makes it look cheap. Like most bass headphones from AT, we get 2 cables; a coiled type for hassle-free audio production and a straight cable.

Both of the cables are about 3m of length. When holding the headphones for the first time, you will notice that they aren’t heavy.

They’ve got this durable look and feel to them, thanks to Audio-Technica. It has got whopping 40mm drivers and a 96dB sensitivity. It weighs around 240gms and is made entirely of plastic.

It has got a great swivel to the earcups that really add to the comfort of the whole device. The leathery look of the earcups make them look premium and they are really comfortable.

You can easily wear them for a long 6-7 hour flight. They’ve got a pretty steady bass, not too punchy or reverberating. It has got a removable 3.5mm gold plated aux in that you can plug and play on your phone.

To utilize the full potential of the device, you can get a USB DAC Amplifier. Overall, the headphones are great for the price point with not too heavy audio quality and remarkable build quality.

Our Top 9 Bass Headphones Picks

1. V-Moda Crossfade M-100

Versatility for you at $250

When it comes to bringing the best value for money bass headphones, V-Moda never stays back.

VModa has created an ecosystem of headphones with unparalleled quality and stunning looks that will turn any audiophile’s head.

The M-Class array of bass headphones by VModa has won a lot of awards and also uses the patented 50mm drivers. The private company that specializes in mobile audio has made one of the finest headphones in the industry.

The M-100 is a beast when it comes to durability and audio quality. It has got an industrial look on them from the metal hinges to the metal shields on the earcups.

The headband is very comfy but if you have the Shadow version, it might not face wear and tear so easily. It is pretty flexible and can withstand bend and drops.

The earcup cushions are made of an ergo soft memory foam that does a little bit of noise isolation too.

You can wear it for a long time but it isn’t the best when it comes to comfort. Looking at the actual inputs on the device, you can see it has 2 audio jacks. So you can daisy-chain your music with your friends.

The cables that VModa gives are braided and pretty durable. It can fold and get really compact for travel and on-the-go. The travel case looks nothing like anything that we’ve seen before and it feels great.

Overall, these bass headphones combine longevity with premium quality and are worthy of the fame.

2. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 (Wireless)

Optimum noise isolation and comfort for $499

Sennheiser has been redefining the boundaries of sound. The Momentum is for people who live for sound, who goes further than others.

It has been created with the collective minds of great artists like Thylacine, Eklips, Alexandra Soumm, Hopscotch, and even Gregory Potter. Created with brushed stainless steel and the finest leather, Sennheiser brings you the best of their bass headphones.

The exclusive 18-Ω Neodym transducers on this thing bring out even the finest of details. It comes in a U-shaped premium looking package and it definitely beats Bose QC35 when it comes to bass and quality.

The earcups are painted ivory and hence the design is kind of subjective here. The cushions on the headband are dense and this adds to the comfort of the user.

The best thing about the earcups is the way it elegantly slides up and down the metal rail. The leather earpads will get warm a bit but you won’t sweat it. It is by far the comfiest one by Sennheiser.

You can connect to it through NFC or your average 3.5mm jack. It can run for about 22 hours on a full charge which is pretty nice.

Overall, the bass is really solid and the mids and lows still retain quality. The sound signature is awesome and we definitely recommend this to all modern day audiophiles.

3. JVC HA-SZ2000

A pursuit of original sound quality for $999

JVC isn’t the first brand that will come to your mind when you start thinking about headphones. But for the past years, the statistics talk a little different.

The bass headphones manufactured by JVC at if not better, at par most of the major league headphones. The thousand dollar headphones are not entirely worth the money. But when it comes to reverberating and punchy bass, these are the ones you need to spend your money on.

JVC does have to work on a lot of things before they step up in the market. On first looks, they don’t feel a lot durable and the product design isn’t attractive enough.

When you hold it in your hands, it creaks. It makes these low creaky sounds that make you feel that it is cheap. But that might be because of the rigid and durable structure which is made from metal and brushed plastic.

It weighs about 485 grams and I guess they couldn’t solve the design problems efficiently. They’ve managed to put a couple of sub-woofers around your ears with the 50mm drivers for the lows and the 33mm unit for the treble.  

When it comes to premium audio quality, this thing has only got the bass covered up. With maxed out volume there will be sounds that will pinch your ears.

It isn’t as comfortable and lightweight to wear for a long time. These are really good bass headphones, but they do lack when we aren’t talking about the bass.  

4. Ultrasone PRO 900i Professional

Explicit sound behavior in a sealed, circumaural housing for $530

The Ultrasone Pro 900i is a pretty weird headphone, in a good way definitely. Ultrasone is not the finest manufacturer of headphones but we’ve seen enough quality in sound and durability from them in the past years.

The 900is are pretty different though. On first looks, they look fragile and not very durable. Once you hold it, you will feel the difference. You can fee the solid workmanship and the exceptional build quality.

The earcups swivel really nicely and the memory foam clicks open with plastic rings on the back. It uses 40mm drivers placed to the lower front of the headphone earcups.

It is not what most of the headphone companies prefer. But that might be because it packs something for the bass heads. The audio quality is top-notch. With stellar bass, this is something that you can listen to days and not feel any hassle.

These are rated down to 6Hz and they mean it when they say they are the industry finest bass headphones. With the impressive audio, you feel the sound around you, you feel it in every direction.

They’ve got pretty nice imaging when compared to other competitors in the price range. You might be knowing the name Ultrasone but you rarely see them.

Overall, the headphones are just on point when it comes to audio quality and bass. The design of the whole product could’ve been a little different, but that’s subjective.

5. Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K Pro DJ

Exquisite clarity with bright sound separation for $289

Pioneer is known to be every DJ’s best friend when it comes to audio and bass quality. They are known pretty widely for their sturdy and impressive mobile audio products around the world.

The bass headphones got famous when they won the Best Design Award in the year 2015 and it got pretty hyped up.Pioneer has aced noise isolation with low volume air chambers in the earpads.

You get the best snug-fit with the best in class memory foam coupled with lightweight bindings on the headband for eternal comfort. It has got metal hinges and each earcup swivels 90 degrees.

They also allow you to fold them up pretty good for hassle-free travel. It has got a 50mm dome type driver which is mostly used in premium headphones.

Although it’s pretty lightweight with about 298gmsm, it has got a 3500mW max power output under the hood. It has got an impedance of 32 ohms. It uses a proprietary one XLR jack and that is probably the only downside to this device.

Overall, it is a great pick for professionals and people who wish to witness industry level bass and audio quality.

6. Sony MDR-XB950 Extra Bass

Pay close attention Bass lovers. Deep and punchy bass for $150

We all know about Sony and the fame it holds. The fleet of extra bass headphones by Sony showcase the massive market share it has when it comes to mobile audio.

Starting off with the looks and feels of this guy, those earcups are huge. Sony has built this around with finely polished plastic, a sturdy metal band for adjustments and has still managed to keep it lightweight.

The overall design game is pretty dope with minimal blacks and some red accents around the earcups. You won’t have any complains as far as durability goes, as they feel really well-built.

These are a little bit larger than average headphones and they can lie flat and have a really good swivel. Although the earpads are huge, they’ve got plush leather cushions that add to the comfort and noise isolation too.

They seal your ears completely which allows it to help you feel the bass like no other bass headphone. The only downside being, Sony should’ve worked better on getting these things more portable.

There are quite a few controls around the earcups. You’ve got a dedicated button for Bass Boost which will take the Bass on this thing to a whole another level.

You can even pair this thing with NFC. Bass Boost turned on, you can easily get 18 hours of battery life. Sony hit this one out of the park and we recommend it to every audiophile reading this right now.

Overall, the audio quality is definitely incomparable and the device is definitely worthy of the fame.

7. Bowers and Wilkins P5 Series 2

Get super stylish sledgehammer sound for $300

If you are familiar with the P5, Series 2 is the same winning design but with much better sound.  It looks almost identical to the original Series and costs about 300 bucks.

Aside from black instead of a silver finish on the earpieces, nothing on the outside has changed. But on the inside, B&W has stepped up with the P7’s drivers under the hood.

The hinges and the exoskeleton is made from stainless steel which looks stunning and is pretty durable. The mix of modern and retro styling is what B&W is selling in their bass headphones.

These rich bass headphones have a swanky look with the leather finish headband which is pretty comfy. The headphones fold flat and a nice soft-touch carry pouch is included in the packaging.

The new model adds an extra zing to the audio department. You won’t find the warm feeling of its predecessor but not to worry, this modern maneuver is pretty dope.

It now produces a larger more open sound with the P7’s drivers. With the same sound DNA, it just got steroids in for the punchy bass and the smooth lows.

The sound is crystal clear and you won’t fatigue your ears if you like binge listening to music. Overall, this is the best-designed bass headphones in the market and they are definitely worth the 300 bucks.

8. Beats Pro

The revolution in sound for $350

Saving the desert for the end, Beats is to audiophiles what Lamborgini is to gearheads. Beats audio made a stunning entrance with the HTC One series and it has stayed ever since in the mobile audio sector.

Be it premium headphones like the Studio3 by Apple or impressive speakers like the Pill. Beats has always screamed premium from every direction in all of its products.

Coming straight to the hands-on experience, the Beats Pros are pretty rigid bass headphones. They are made almost entirely out of aluminum which hints at how durable they are.

This means they don’t do really good in the adjustments department and they try to cut some slack with the super soft headbands and earcups.

The headbands are very very soft and the earpads are leather covered memory foam that is probably the comfiest from Beats.

The only downside of the earpads is the circularly shaped cup which doesn’t sit on your ears really well. They have 2 removable audio jacks that allow you to daisy-chain multiple headphones together.

But at the end what matters is audio quality. The bass on this thing is on point and very punchy. It gives you clear highs and deep lows which is pretty obvious from a company like Beats in the bass headphones department.

Overall, these are not meant to be just a fashion accessory as they sound really good as compared to other competitors around the neighborhood.

9. Monster Inspiration ANC

Cheap and better looking in one package for $70

Monster brags about their active noise cancellation in these pair of bass headphones. The devices are not very famous now but they were when they first launched about 8-9 years ago.

These are not the finest bass headphones in the market but for the price tag, you’re going to get a whole lot of stuff. The Inspiration on first look showcases a pretty durable build.

The headphones come with 3 different cables; standard flat cable, an inline microphone cable, and a 3 button microphone control. With ANC, Monster uses the battery, microphone to create a signal that’s 180 degrees out of phase. Passive noise canceling is based on how tight the earcups sit on your ears.

This device has a really solid build quality for the price point. Coming to the audio quality, they put out very tight and deep bass.

Mid-range is open and accurate and treble is well balanced with no harsh sounds that pinch your ears.

They stand shoulder to shoulder with Sennheiser and even Audio-Technica when you focus on the price tag of this thing. They don’t distort a lot at high volumes unless you’re using a low power device like an iPhone.

These headphones are pretty admired by audiophiles around the industry. Overall, they look good, they feel good and sound impressive.

This is a headphone designed for audiophiles and it does deliver an agreeable experience.  

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