In Holland, the smartphone users will have no problem in crossing The Hague City’s busiest roads; even while glued to their phone screens. To warn and protect such straying pedestrians, HIG Traffic Systems has come up with a unique idea; to launch ‘Light-Line’ Pilot Project. To warn such inattentive walkers of impending risk, the LED light strips will help; embedded into main road-crossing points.

pedestrian light project To Warn Straying Dutch Pedestrians Of Impending Risk; Local Authorities Launch ‘Light Line’ Pilot Project

This latest traffic light method aims on helping and protecting all pedestrians straying on the dangerously busy roads of the town. According to Kees Oskam, the former municipality Bodegraven councilor, the trend of being distracted on their respective phones has increased alarmingly; especially while they’re out on the dangerously busy traffic tracks.

The local authorities have launched the ‘Light-Line’ Pilot Project this week initially on trial basis hoping that the new traffic light tech will prove helpful for smartphone users to cross the roads all safely. Introduced by the above noted Dutch municipality, the pedestrian traffic lights are exclusively designed with specific purpose; helping smartphone users not to step into traffic.

In case a distracted mobile user walks on the pavement at a ‘wrong’ time; these colorful light strips will be displayed immediately. The LED strip will thus illuminate the pavement and a horizontal strip will be displayed, before the road crossing. Display of colorful and prominent bright lights will appear beneath the pedestrians’ feet; alerting them about the risk.

When they will notice an LED strip repeatedly blinking, pedestrians will learn the traffic light is about to change color, between Red and Green.

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Sharing his view over the issue Mark Hofman from HIG said that majority of the pedestrians, and even the cyclists, pay attention more to their smartphone than moving traffic. Considering it one of the major problems Mark says that for The Hague City tram drivers making emergency halts is becoming a routine thing. “Every now and then someone is found crossing the road while eyes and brain fixed to mobile screen,” Mark expressed.